Needs before solutions

Let’s set projects up for success by figuring out why we're doing something. Establish project purpose independent of technology, and let the purpose inform the strategy.

A successful engagement must begin with a thorough review of organizational needs to establish project purpose. Understanding that organizations exist on the web to achieve some tangible positive result, it’s critical to let those needs drive the chosen solutions. Mixing needs with solutions from the beginning can cloud project purpose, making it difficult for all teams involved to work effectively to deliver a successful project. Projects are most successful when the needs inform the best solutions.

Skipping, or diving straight into solutions, can lead to the wrong tools being selected and requirements missed which often compounds to blown deadlines, underperforming projects and diminishing team engagement. Further, focusing on solutions first may lead to an unnecessary overcomplicated approach.

In this session we’ll explore:
- how to conduct a successful requirements gathering phase to effectively and collaboratively uncover and articulate business drivers (and any technology requirements).
- how to establish meaningful measurement to track progress toward business goals.
- common data driven business drivers (increase transaction rate, reduce cart abandonment, increase awareness, etc).
- how business drivers inform digital technologies.
- using business drivers as the basis for project documentation.

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