Project Management

Basics of a Lean Launch: The Successful Start-Up

If you, or you and some colleagues, are considering starting your own business, here are the basics of the "lean launch" method. Lean start-ups, agile start-up, lean continuous improvement, design thinking ---- these are the methods that have propelled Silicon Valley, Cambridge (Mass.) innovation, and our own Pioneer Valley successful explosion of new, innovative companies. This session will introduce the basic concepts and tools,and introduce you to the new world of venture creation and development.

BOF - Why Drupal can save the Environmental Movement

Can it? Humanity is certainly at a crossroads. There is something universal about Open Source communities that unleashes human creativity, that drives people to late nights tearing down the barriers to their dreams and creating powerful change. What are the visions that Open Source people want for the world, and how does the Drupal framework bring that vision to reality?

20-min Presentation - Power + Parallels among Open Source Communities

Agile Workshop

Managing waterfall projects is about protecting the notorious iron triangle: scope, budget and timeline. However, it is inherently rigid and leaves little to no room for innovation or new ideas. Large modern web projects have failed and potential long term relationships turned contentious due to the rigidity of waterfall. Poorly written requirements lead to new or changing requirements which leads to scope creep which leads to change orders, project delays and decreased project satisfaction. New ideas aren't allowed, including the good ones.

Closing the Gap: Gap Analysis for Web Producers

Well before contract, we’re often faced with project inputs that are astonishingly vague. Even RFP’s that can go on for dozens of pages, often miss critical big picture details related to legacy systems, and outline comparably nebulous descriptions of new deliverables. As account, bizdev, and pm leads, if we’re crafty, and a bit lucky, we might successfully parse and interpret these documents to the point of defining a reasonably satisfactory scope of work.

How to Turn Your Software Ideas Into a Side Business

Every developer has at least one or two ideas in their head about something they want to offer to the world.

Good software development has a codified process with specific steps. Skip a step at your own peril.

Software Business Creation is exactly the same. It has a codified process with specific steps. Skip a step at your own peril.

There are tens of thousands of blogs and websites with generic information on how to start a business. The problem is not a lack of information. The problem is too much information geared at a generic crowd without context.

What's different about open source? A project manager's guide

This training session will look at key considerations faced by project managers as they go through the web development process. We'll cover the initiation, planning, execution, monitoring and ongoing maintenance of projects. We'll talk about how different aspects of a CMS affect scope, risks, resources and budgets, and about some unexpected measures of quality. We'll focus primarily on agile project management, however waterfall and hybrid approaches will be discussed.


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