BOF - Why Drupal can save the Environmental Movement

Can it? Humanity is certainly at a crossroads. There is something universal about Open Source communities that unleashes human creativity, that drives people to late nights tearing down the barriers to their dreams and creating powerful change. What are the visions that Open Source people want for the world, and how does the Drupal framework bring that vision to reality?

20-min Presentation - Power + Parallels among Open Source Communities

The Pioneer Valley is teeming with groups that value free exchange of information, versatility + adaptability, and coming together for the common good. It is no coincidence that you find overlap among the people in Open Source communities. This presentation outlines the parallels in the norms, values and practices of the Drupal community and two other local regenerative culture movements: Permaculture and Non-violent Communication.

25-min Discussion + Think Tank

What would happen if a web platform for collaboration, free discussion and collective enterprise were created with Open Source values at its core? It is amazing that Drupal Core has over 30,000 contributors. How is collaboration possible among this many people? The northeast permaculture community has over 10,000 people. Imagine if they could collaborate to an equal degree, and if they could network and collaborate among movements with similar core values. The sky would be the limit, and the movement would be firmly rooted in the ground.
Thank We.
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Sep 12 2015 - 4:00pm-Sep 12 2015 - 4:50pm
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Elyssa Serrilli is a community organizer in the environmental, education and non-profit sectors. As a budding web developer, she is keenly aware of how impactful web technology upgrades are for local and regional movements. Elyssa is also a kick ass wilderness guide - hit her up if you'd like to know more hidden gems to explore in the Pioneer Valley.