Hack for Western Mass and NERD Summit Team up for 2016

Due to a large overlap in our communities and in our funding sources, H4WM and NERD are joining forces for the new year. We are looking for 4-8 people to join the central organizing team which coordinates the event held in May or June each year. This is a fantastic way to develop your leadership skills with an experienced team, to learn more about tech needs and resources in the Valley, and to give back to your community. Your commitment level can be as large or as small as you want it to be. Come to find out more!

Basics of a Lean Launch: The Successful Start-Up

If you, or you and some colleagues, are considering starting your own business, here are the basics of the "lean launch" method. Lean start-ups, agile start-up, lean continuous improvement, design thinking ---- these are the methods that have propelled Silicon Valley, Cambridge (Mass.) innovation, and our own Pioneer Valley successful explosion of new, innovative companies. This session will introduce the basic concepts and tools,and introduce you to the new world of venture creation and development.

Using Celery Task Queue in a Content Processing Build Cycle

If you process content regularly, you might deal with capturing data from multiple sources, performing some processing, and then outputting to multiple targets. (For example, you might have a search index and a MySQL database that need to be updated simultaneously every week based on new content from a client.) You also might need error tracking and reporting. Wouldn't it be nice if you could build a system where you could automate all of this?

BOF - Why Drupal can save the Environmental Movement

Can it? Humanity is certainly at a crossroads. There is something universal about Open Source communities that unleashes human creativity, that drives people to late nights tearing down the barriers to their dreams and creating powerful change. What are the visions that Open Source people want for the world, and how does the Drupal framework bring that vision to reality?

20-min Presentation - Power + Parallels among Open Source Communities

Agile Workshop

Managing waterfall projects is about protecting the notorious iron triangle: scope, budget and timeline. However, it is inherently rigid and leaves little to no room for innovation or new ideas. Large modern web projects have failed and potential long term relationships turned contentious due to the rigidity of waterfall. Poorly written requirements lead to new or changing requirements which leads to scope creep which leads to change orders, project delays and decreased project satisfaction. New ideas aren't allowed, including the good ones.

Closing the Gap: Gap Analysis for Web Producers

Well before contract, we’re often faced with project inputs that are astonishingly vague. Even RFP’s that can go on for dozens of pages, often miss critical big picture details related to legacy systems, and outline comparably nebulous descriptions of new deliverables. As account, bizdev, and pm leads, if we’re crafty, and a bit lucky, we might successfully parse and interpret these documents to the point of defining a reasonably satisfactory scope of work.


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