User Research When You Can't Reach Your Users

You’ve finally convinced your stakeholders that user research is a vital part of the design and development process. You’re all jazzed up to start creating your research plan when you realize that you cannot reach out to your users and your audience is so niche that getting people outside of your users to participate in your user tests would be worse than useless. What then?

This session will discuss what to do when you have stakeholder buy in to do user testing but you can’t actually reach your end users for any number of reasons.

You will learn:

Cooperatives and Collectives - Think Outside the Boss

As members of the USFWC (US Federation of Worker Cooperatives), Agaric is a group of worker/owners from around the globe, that work collectively on projects. Having attended the Worker National Cooperative Conference in Chicago (, I would like to present and discuss the options for cooperatives and collectives within technology. Developers cooperatives are an interesting and rewarding challenge!

Friday Keynote: Susan Buck, "So you want to be a developer..."

As an instructor with the Women's Coding Collective, at the Harvard Extension School, and Wellesley College, I spend a lot of time teaching people how to code. As one would expect, this invariably leads to lots of calls for advice from students: How do I get started in this field?


In this keynote, I'll walk through the advice I typically give when faced with this very good question.


Key points:


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