SEO Begins before Design

Today good website search engine optimization relies upon how content is framed and delivered. For Google to properly rank a website, it must interpret the websites context and strength of that context. In SEO we try to effect this by theming.

The website architecture is weak when SEO elements are missing or overly used. The website will bring a weakened theme to Google. SEO will suffer and perhaps can never be maximized. Even if the content is strong, it will always be framed in a weak structure.

Out of the Silos and Into the Farm

As a freelance content strategist and UX consultant I see a lot of teams that divide the content and design teams from the developers - and it never ends well. I've begun to recommend to teams that we implement elements of agile development, and learn the "soft skills" for teamwork. It increases team communication, and decreases the likelihood of stalled timelines or increased scope down the line.

Shaping Your Free Software Project... and the World?

We'll talk about the fundamentals of participating in Free Software projects and communities, which is why this is in the Fundamentals track, but we'll also talk about how we as individuals and as groups can shape what our powerful software is built to do— and how we build power through coördination in the context of extreme power inequalities that we, mere web developers and other information technology workers, are well-positioned to change, which is why this could be in the Revolution track, if there was one.

How Do You Make a Difference?

Product development from within

Knectar recently launched its first product to some glowing reviews. This is a talk about the process of conceiving and developing a professional-grade SaaS product from within the context of a high-capacity web production shop. It’s been a dance, but unexpected synergies have formed to make the process one of the most challenging yet satisfying projects of my career and a new experience for many on the Knectar team. I want to share what we’ve learned through this process, and promise barely a passing mention of the product itself (along with coupon codes of course)! Topics to include:

Homespun UX: Going Beyond Web Analytics

Does the field of user-centered design mystify you? Does user research seem like the last thing you have time to think about?

Any team can look at analytics to understand what users are doing and how often they’re doing it. What analytics won’t tell you is *why* users are doing certain things — sometimes you need more context. That’s where user research comes in. This session will map out a framework for incorporating low-cost user research into your development cycle.

The session will cover:


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