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Session Speaker(s) Experience level
Homespun UX: Going Beyond Web Analytics Does the field of user-centered design mystify you? Does user research seem like the last thing you have time to think about?

How to make WordPress client friendly How do we convince our clients to actively maintain, update and take ownership of their website content? By spending some time giving the WordPress admin some TLC! Intermediate
HTML5 Mobile App Development with PhoneGap

So you want to make dynamic mobile applications, but you don't want to learn the native toolkits for Android, iOS or even Windows 8? The future of mobile embraces standards just as the web did...

Hypermedia: Taking your API to the next level

Learn the basics of what hypermedia adds to your API, and how API clients, from web apps to thick clients, evolve to focus on workflows, not URLs or data.

We will cover:

Integrating Gmail and Google Apps with your domain

Too often clients use their default mail provider when registering a domain through sites such as Godaddy. In this presentation I'll go through the ins and outs of setting up a Google Apps account...

Intro to Docker for CMS Docker is an exciting technology which allows developers to deploy software in a highly portable and repeatable environment, thus easing a path to production. Using Docker, one can:
    Intro to Git

    This presentation will cover the fundamental concepts of Git, an overview of frequently-used commands, and a practical demonstration of using Git in a project.

    Intro to HTML/CSS HTML and CSS are sibling markup languages that every web site is built with. HTML serves as the structure, with CSS adding style. Beginner
    Introduction to Python/Django for Experienced Web Developers

    Since its release in 2005, Django ( has grown to be the leading framework for developing web applications in Python.

    Introduction to Vagrant Vagrant is a powerful tool for managing local development environments. It allows you to create temporary or permanent local development stacks on virtual machines. Intermediate
    Introduction to WordPress Child Theming

    So you've been playing around with WordPress. You feel like you've really gotten the hang it. However, you're starting to run into limitations with how much you can customize your site.

    IPython Notebooks: Not Just for Data NERDs

    IPython Notebooks are web-based interactive documents that combine executable code, text, graphs, and media into a single,...

    Joomla 101

    In this informative session, you'll be introduced to the Joomla! Content Management System through a demonstration style presentation that walks you through the process of setting up a Joomla!

    Keynote: Damien McKenna Beginner
    Maintaining Websites with Security and Privacy In the post-Snowden threat environment, we understand that our clients' data is under threat from many different adversaries. Governments, cyber-criminals and foreign hackers are all trying to root... Intermediate
    Modern Front End Development

    Front end development is always changing, and it's very easy to fall behind. This session will be a whirlwind tour of the front end tools, libraries, and design patterns of the future.

    New to PHP So, there are all these letters and numbers and punctuation when you're looking at your Wordpress theme (or Drupal Theme). You can get a few things done, but it all looks like magic to you.
    Nodeschool Interested in learning some Node.js? Know some already & want to improve your skills? Come by this Nodeschool workshop & work thru a lesson that matches... Intermediate
    Product development from within

    Knectar recently launched its first product to some glowing reviews. This is a talk about the process of conceiving and developing a professional-grade SaaS product from within the context of a...

    Sass and Compass

    Hey! I just started using SASS and Compass. Come see what I have figured out so far.



    No sessions have been published.