Intro to Docker for CMS

Docker is an exciting technology which allows developers to deploy software in a highly portable and repeatable environment, thus easing a path to production. Using Docker, one can:
  • Deploy applications such as Drupal, Wordpress and more in their own environments. Does your Drupal deployment require PHP 5.4, but your Wordpress deployment requires PHP 5.5? No problem.
  • Easily test upgrades without impacting production, as well as provide a way to rollback.
  • Migrate an application from one host to another
  • Efficiently use host resources- multiple Docker containers run on a single server, leveraging your resources efficiently.
  • Help keep your server secure. Due to container isolation, an issue in one containers need not affect other containers, or your host server.
In this session the attendee will learn:
  • how to install Docker
  • how to install an application using Docker (Drupal and/or Wordpress)
  • how to perform basic tasks using Docker
  • how to upgrade an application
  • how to migrate an application from one host to another
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Sep 12 2014 - 11:00am-Sep 12 2014 - 11:50am
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Michael Klatsky will present. Michael Klatsky is the VP- System Administration at Esperdyne Technologies. He previously held the same title at TnR Global. Prior to TnR Global, Michael was the Senior System Administrator at Connecticut Telephone, RCN and JavaNet. Michael has over 17 years of experience in developing and deploying highly-available Internet systems. He is proficient deploying various virtualized technologies, including AWS, RackSpace and Digital Ocean servers for use in development and production systems.