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Session Speaker(s) Experience level
Saturday Keynote: Ashe Dryden

Ashe Dryden is an indie ruby developer living in Madison, WI. She's been involved with the web in some form or another over the course of the past 13 years...

Seriously Scalable Architecture With AWS

Amazon Web Services provides one of the most awesomely complicated suites of tools you can use to power a web application, which is why most of its users use less than 1% of its...

Setup Rails and build Twitter! In this track, learners will learn about the basics of the Rails 4 environment and learn how to set it up for development and build an app that works just like twitter! We will deploy our apps to... Beginner
Shaping Your Free Software Project... and the World?

We'll talk about the fundamentals of participating in Free Software projects and communities, which is why this is in the Fundamentals track, but we'll also talk about how we as individuals and as...

Simplifying Frontend Development with Gulp The process of building, testing, and deploying modern web applications is becoming increasingly complex. Task runners like Gulp and Grunt can automate these processes and greatly simplify your life... Intermediate
SMACSS your theme up: Theming Drupal 7 with the Drupal 8 CSS architecture

Drupal 8 is still in alpha, but its CSS standards synthesize a range of best practices that can and should be applied today.

Structured Content in Drupal and WordPress

This talk examines how Drupal (7.x) and WordPress (3.9/4.0) handle custom content types, and use that to explore how the philosophies of the two platforms/communities differ.

Terminal Basics for Everyone Learn about the basics of the terminal. This is a relatively short intro to terminal basics. This will include:
  • Learning to create folders
  • Creating files
  • Using Vim (basics...
The Top Ten Development Lessons They Didn't Teach You in School

You’ve graduated, accepted a job and have a shiny new business card that reads Software Developer. What’s next?

To Patch or Custom: How to decide when to patch a contrib module or go custom

To use a contrib (community) module, patch a contrib module or write a custom module, that is the question.

User Research When You Can't Reach Your Users You’ve finally convinced your stakeholders that user research is a vital part of the design and development process.
Using Drupal "Features" to Build and Deploy Sites

The Features module enables the capture and management of features in Drupal. A feature is a collection of Drupal entities which when taken together satisfy a certain use-case.

Where do we go from here? You've been programming for a while. You can make things happen, get things done, but you know there is more out there. What next?
WordPress and the Command Line

How to use WP-CLI to manage your WordPress site via the command line. From basic management like installing & updating plugins and themes, to scripting a installation workflow, this tool is a...



No sessions have been published.