Building Shell Tools with Javascript

If you can build a website you can build a shell tool! Come to this talk & learn about some of the tools & techniques that make it easy to build powerful command line applications in Javascript.
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Sep 11 2015 - 2:00pm-Sep 11 2015 - 2:50pm
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Sequoia is a software engineer, educator, and javascript expert. He has given talks and workshops at technology conferences in New York and Boston, as well as closer to home in Amherst and Northampton as an NERDs Educator. He’s organized and facilitated two Nodeschool workshops in this area, and is a co-founder and core organizer (emeritus) of Hack for Western Mass as well as co-founder of Noho Webdive, a social meetup group for web workers. Most recently, he gave a talk about building command line tools in Javascript at EmpireJS, NYC's flagship javascript conference. 1st person: If you would like training or mentorship to get your team or yourself up to speed with Javascript & more, or if you just need an on-call JS wiz, drop me a line!