Blockchains and Altcoins: Intro to Digital Currency

The rise of Bitcoin and [its underlying technology] cryptocurrency have moved out off the tech underground with the potential to transform the way we handle online commerce and information through transparent, decentralized systems. But how does it really work and what are its real-world applications? This session will present the fundamentals of cryptocurrency, smart contracts and the blockchain by looking at our own Attention Based Currency (ABC), an open source altcoin points system developed by Yes Exactly's Erik Amlee and Tess Gadwa, that rewards users and pays royalties directly to creators for listening to streaming music.
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Sep 12 2015 - 3:00pm-Sep 12 2015 - 3:50pm
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Erik Amlee is co-founder of Attention Based Currency. He has also worked as a web developer since 2000 and is currently with Yes Exactly Web Design based in Greenfield, MA.