Modern WordPress Development Workflow

WordPress is well known for its user friendliness, but it's often not seen as very developer friendly. Out of the box, it doesn't necessarily promote modern, stable development practices, but that doesn't mean you can't bring these techniques and approaches to WordPress. This talk outlines one possible deployment workflow while covering the basic concepts of development/staging/production environments, version control and a few command line tools. We'll cover database migrations and keeping dependencies (like plugins, themes, and WordPress itself) up to date.

Continuous Testing - Taking "the suck" out of the project cycle

There's been a great deal of movement over the past years to add unit testing to the core of our favorite CMS systems (e.g. Drupal, WordPress), but unit tests have limited value when it comes to building a specific website. However, the value of testing cannot be denied, and a whole new class of tools are emerging around Behavioral Testing that promise to deliver much much more value to professionals who build websites for a living.

Maintaining Websites with Security and Privacy

In the post-Snowden threat environment, we understand that our clients' data is under threat from many different adversaries. Governments, cyber-criminals and foreign hackers are all trying to root your servers and own your websites. In this session, I will be covering the basics of securing servers on which websites are hosted, and why we need to encrypt all the things by default. I will present a variety of tips, tricks and configurations that help to protect both your websites and your visitors.


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