What really matters with web performance?

The internet has been littered with articles with why performance matters. There are tools, tricks, and frameworks all devoted to creating a faster web. At the same time, the weight of websites is growing, the average size just passed 2mb. The internet is facing a conundrum: how can we make our sites faster while the sites we are building are getting larger?

This session will delve into what really matters with web performance. How the critical rendering path effects the display of content, and how to utilize it to our advantage. It will go over the base tools needed to test and monitor performance. Finally it will delve into what tricks can be utilized to make your site load more efficiently and faster.

Slides: https://iamcarrico.github.io/what-really-matters-in-web-perf/

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Sep 11 2015 - 5:00pm-Sep 11 2015 - 5:50pm
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Ian Carrico is a simple web developer with a big dream, to make the internet faster. He has commits on sites across the internet, from The Economist to NBC, developing better solutions to solve a litany of features. He also works heavily within the front end community to develop better workflows for development. He currently works at Vox Media as a Web Performance Artist, focusing on front end performance.