Micro Services and Queues

A popular approach to making smaller applications instead of one monolythic hard to update application and separating responsibility for your different project needs. This is a great design pattern for teams and large websites.

For example you have a site that has to email hundreds of customers, scheduled tasks to process thumbnails of numerous images or on the fly, retrieve information from an external api, produce large PDF files for download, etc. I will show how you can then break off these longer processes into queues and workers so your users get immediate response from the website.thoughtworks As noted below in ThoughtWorks Radar it is still a popular and key solution to these situations.

I will introduce you the basic around this design pattern, how to use it in your everyday work, drupal, wordpress, laravel etc. We will see a sample image processor that took 20 minutes to build and show you how easy it is to use. Then I will cover using Iron.io to run your workers as easily as just POSTing to a url.

You can see an intro article here and the example worker here.




















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Alfred Nutile has been a web programmer for 8+ years. The last 2 years has been building internal web applications in Laravel and Angular for a large pharmaceutical company proving the benefits to queues, Microservices, Laravel, Angular and APIs