Drupal 101

Introduction to Drupal starting with the basics: content types, fields, taxonomy, views, themes, modules, etc. The session will walk though setting up a Drupal site on your local computer, and then put it up on a web host for the world to see. Emphasis will be on "this is easy", because it is. This session is not just for beginner developers but also for non-developers who just want to better understand Drupal and content management systems in general. A contact management website will be built to show how Drupal can be used to build much more than just a blog. Besides covering the basics of Drupal, other topics covered will include: MAMP, Sequel Pro, CPanel, SFTP and DNS (how to point your domain to your website). Other topics that will be touched on briefly are version control, features, backing up and website hosting options. Note this is same one I did last year: https://nerdsummit.org/nerdsummit-2014/sessions/drupal-101 Need 2 hours to do all of above. If others are doing a basic Drupal training, you can nix this.
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