Web Scraping with Node.js

Web scraping is a valuable tool for utilizing the vast amount of data available on the web. It can be employed for research, in the enterprise, or for personal use. The only limit is your creativity (and potentially, a site's terms of use). Using Node.js and a few helpful packages, web scraping is easier than ever. In this session, I'll go over the basic tools and techniques for scraping in a Node environment. I'll also cover some of the obstacles and caveats - it's important to not go about taking the wrong data! I'll go over some examples in code, as well as potential use cases.
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Tim Beck is a Software Developer with Financial Partners working on single page web applications. He is experienced with the Microsoft web stack and HTML5 applications using technologies like Knockout, jQuery, and LESS. His recent emphasis has been on performance and improving developer quality-of-life through automation and code generation. In his spare time Tim is an active game developer, with an emphasis on tool creation.