Drupal Module Development

This course will get you started in Drupal Module Development. Whether you want to learn module development for your own projects or to advance your career as a developer, this course is for you.

Although Drupal can be used as a powerful tool to make websites without writing any code learning to code for Drupal greatly expands what Drupal can do for you.

Who is this course for?:
PHP developers or other programmers who want to add Drupal development to their skillset
Drupal Site Builders who want to learn custom module development

What will you learn?:

  • Creating the Module files and where to put them
  • Drupal's Hook System and how to use it
  • Creating Menu Entries and making Permissions
  • Making, Altering and Responding to Drupal Forms
  • Creating your own Blocks
  • Writing Custom code in your module that integrates with Drupal core and other modules(Without Hacking!)
  • When to write code and when NOT to write code!

You have should some knowledge of PHP or another programming language. You should bring your own laptop with a local Drupal 7 installation already in place.

Instructor: Ted Bowman of Six Mile Tech

Experience level: 
Sessions Topics: 
Speaker Bio(s): 
Ted is Drupal Developer and Trainer at Six Mile Tech. He is the author of the Entityform and Webform Conditional among others.