Design Matters

Art is subjective. You like it or you don’t like it. But design is the science of art. It’s art with purpose. Design is about intent.

What do you want people to know, feel, and do?

Have your products been designed with intent? Are you willing to break out of your comfortable thought patterns and stretch your limits? Are you willing to test? To try? To fail?

Bring your biggest problems. Your sticky wickets. Your unsolvable problems and your biggest dreams. Jason will help you better understand how you can utilize design to better achieve your goals. With an emphasis on testing, Jason will review a number of audience projects and offer simple changes or tests that will help you maximize the work you've put into your project

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Sep 12 2014 - 9:00am-Sep 12 2014 - 9:50am
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As co-founder of Jason Mark has been at the forefront of digital marketing for over 20 years. Before working in digital marketing, Jason was involved in multiple artificial intelligence, and 3D computer animation projects. He’s given talks and taught classes at Yale, Harvard, UMass, MIT, Mt. Holyoke College, Hampshire College, and the Marlboro College Graduate Program, where he was part of the first ever program for internet strategy in the world. He’s had students commute to New England from as far away as California to take his classes, and also gives professional talks around the country for iPhone DevCon, Android DevCon, Joomla New England, Drupal Camps, Design4Drupal, and ADC/GDC, as well as corporate clients. He’s worked with Disney, Sega, Honda and many other name brands, and is a master at reaching students of all different levels.

JasonOnDesign is Jason's blog on... well web design and usability.