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Programming in Python

Python is a widely used programming language that is easy to learn and very powerful.

EV3 Robotics

We will be building robots using LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3 kits. Building and controlling your own robot is fun.

Rube Goldberg chain reaction – WeDo Robotics

Create a Rube Goldberg-style chain reaction, using Scratch, LEGO WeDo, rubber balls, duct-tape, and a variety of other playful materials.

Building Shell Tools with Javascript If you can build a website you can build a shell tool! Come to this talk & learn about some of the tools & techniques that make it easy to build powerful command line applications in... Intermediate
Nearly Headless Drupal There are some things Drupal is great at, and some things it is, well, less great at. With years of hard work, Drupal has become a pretty strong content manager. Intermediate
Rapid App Development with Ionic, Sails, and Mongo Using Generator-M to scaffold an Ionic / AngularJS app, and using Sails to rapidly generate an MVC backend hooked up to MongoDB, we will build together a hybrid mobile app over the course of the hour... Intermediate
What really matters with web performance?

The internet has been littered with articles with why performance matters. There are tools, tricks, and frameworks all devoted to creating a faster web. At the same time, the weight of websites is...

Advanced WordPress Basics

For anyone comfortable with HTML, CSS, and a minimal amount of PHP, WordPress is the easiest content management system to "get your hands dirty" with and start customizing beyond the...

Demystifying Drupal AJAX Commands This session will highlight and outline the Drupal AJAX command functions offered by the AJAX framework in both Drupal 7 and Drupal 8. What they are, how to use them and how to create your own. Intermediate
Building Pebble Apps with JavaScript Pebble.JS allows any developer to write applications completely in JavaScript. This session is to provide you with an introduction to building a Pebble app that consumes an API, all via JavaScript. I... Intermediate
Introduction to Python/Django for Experienced Web Developers Since its release in 2005, Django ( has grown to be the leading framework for developing web applications in Python. It is used by major sites such as Instagram, Disqus... Intermediate
Drupal 8 + Angularjs, Rockstar Duo! Drupal 8 comes with a real good and well structured webservices, both from the Drupal interface as well as the backend, that interface plus it's new module structure are awesome to be integrated with... Intermediate
Polymer + Web Components

Web Components is an exciting new standard providing the foundation for creating your own custom elements for use in browser based applications. Google's Polymer library builds upon the core Web...

Migrate your application to Docker Many of us have heard about Docker- but how many of us know how to begin the process of moving our applications to Docker? Intermediate
A quick trip though Panopoly and Panopoly derivations

This will be an introduction to Panopoly and distributions based on Panopoly (notably OpenAtrium). Panopoly is a very rich distribution, giving you a lot of tools out of the box that don't exist...

Rapid Insights With Current Python Machine Learning Tools

This talk will offer a brief overview of Machine Learning and its role in strategy, analytics and data classification, as well as offer a mini-training through examples of Rapid Development of...

Mindful Project Management: Projects are Alive; Expect Up & Downs; Be Calm & Radiate

Do these statements create stress in your day and projects? This project is way over budget. We are never going to make the deadline. Client expectations are not being met. That is out of...

Before it hits the fan! The design is done, the site is built and launched. How do you make sure you keep that site running well? What steps do you need to do before you have problems? Intermediate
Building Google Chrome Extensions

The MEAN Stack Made Simple with Mean.js



No sessions have been published.