Successful Code Collaboration with Git

Imagine the following scenario. Your biggest client has an existing site and they’ve engaged your team for the following initiatives:
  • Make the site responsive;
  • Create a new blog section;
  • Allow users to subscribe/unsubscribe to new comments and new and updated content.

Your team has the resources and know-how to tackle all these projects. None of the projects are directly dependent on each other. From the client’s perspective, they are of equal priority and they just want each deployed ASAP.

How do you manage these different initiatives from a code perspective? How do you plan for the short-term while remaining flexible to new requirements? What are the roles and workflow expectations of team members, team leaders and others in this situation?

To answer these questions in a git context, we’ll cover branching, merging and why rebasing is not scary—it’s awesome. We’ll discuss the gitflow methodology, its pros and cons. We’ll talk about how your git workflow can evolve as a site matures from early development to production to post-production and as it succeeds and thus requires more and more contributors.

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Session Tracks (NERDSummit 2014)

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Kelly Lucas is Senior Web Developer at Genuine Interactive, a full service digital agency based in Boston. Kelly has over ten years of web development experience with particular experience in Drupal.


Git is a bit of a mystery to me, since I've only ever really used it to track projects by myself. I'm definitely interested in learning more about how it works in a group setting.