Intro to Ruby

Ruby is one of those fast growing programming languages. And there is a pretty large demand for Ruby coders. During this session we'll cover through an introduction that will involve the following concepts:
  • Installation
  • Simple Hello world
  • Using Ruby like a calculator
  • About Numbers
  • Fun with Operations and precedence
  • Hacking with Strings
  • Scope
  • Designing Ruby methods/functions
  • Comparing Strings
  • Ruby blocks
  • Arrays and associative hashes (primer to data structures)
  • Writing command line programs
  • Regular expressions
  • Object Oriented programming (basics)
  • Where to find more information and how to learn more about Ruby?
This session should be about an hour and 30 minutes.
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Emily Karungi is a software developer specializing in Python and Ruby. She lives in Kampala, Uganda. As a technologist and a woman, Emily is an influential member of her community. She is involved in the Girl Geek Kampala project and was most recently a Google Developer Group team at her university. She is also the founder of Coder in 90, a one on one mentorship and apprenticeship program for developers. She loves to tinker with hardware components (she's a hardware nerd too)