Joomla 101

In this informative session, you'll be introduced to the Joomla! Content Management System through a demonstration style presentation that walks you through the process of setting up a Joomla! site including categories, articles, menu items, modules, and template installation. We'll review the capabilities of the Joomla! Content Management system along with how to expand its core offerings with proprietary extensions, plugins and modules. Showcase websites will be included to illustrate the capabilities.

Shaping Your Free Software Project... and the World?

We'll talk about the fundamentals of participating in Free Software projects and communities, which is why this is in the Fundamentals track, but we'll also talk about how we as individuals and as groups can shape what our powerful software is built to do— and how we build power through coördination in the context of extreme power inequalities that we, mere web developers and other information technology workers, are well-positioned to change, which is why this could be in the Revolution track, if there was one.

How Do You Make a Difference?

Bang for the Buck: Improving Drupal Site Performance on a Budget

We all want our Drupal sites to run faster. The need for speed only continues to increase as does the rapid growth of mobile users and the ever-expanding amount of rich content on the web. For many of us, Drupal is at the center – serving up our content to users who expect pages to load FAST. But despite its power, Drupal can be a performance bottleneck. For large projects, the solution may be as simple as provisioning additional hosting resources: more memory, additional server instances, load balancers, etc.

MySQL Basics and Beyond

MySQL is the world's most popular open source database and is used by large companies like Facebook, Google, and Adobe. CMS platforms like Drupal or WordPress are most often configured for use with MySQL databases.

In this beginner-to-intermediate session, we'll outline some of the most essential knowledge for understanding and working with MySQL databases.

Entities, Bundles, and Fields: You need to understand this!

The concepts of Entities, Bundles and Fields underlay much of Drupal 7 and Drupal 8 functionality. Though Drupal sitebuilders and developers understand the concept of Fields, Entity Types and Bundles are often misunderstood or even unknown to those new(or not so new) to Drupal. Understanding these concepts will make you a better Site Builder and give you a better understanding of how many popular contributed modules work.

Intro to Node.js

Node.js has been getting a lot of attention of late. Its asynchronous, highly concurrent architecture is perfect for massively parallel network applications. Additionally, the ability to write server-side javascript is appealing because it allows for fullstack javascript development. This talk will give intermediate and advanced developers an intro to Node and express.js.

Intro to Git

This presentation will cover the fundamental concepts of Git, an overview of frequently-used commands, and a practical demonstration of using Git in a project. This presentation will be useful for people who are new to Git, are new to version control in general, or fall into that category of "I use it but I don't really know why I'm typing the commands I'm typing."


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