Data Security or Privacy

Before it hits the fan!

The design is done, the site is built and launched. How do you make sure you keep that site running well? What steps do you need to do before you have problems? What are the tricks and tips on how to troubleshoot your site when you are having problems? We are two support engineers who help people fix their broken Drupal sites everyday.

Getting Started with Encrypted Communications

Want to encrypt your chat or email but not sure how to get started? In this beginner-oriented workshop we'll give hands-on help getting you set up with encrypted email and chat on your laptop, text and talk on your smart phone. There will be a short (10min) presentation on security basics at the top of each hour, come to one or the other to learn the basics (light & easy but very important!). Following each is hands-on help so *bring your laptop or smart phone* for hands-on help!

Maintaining Websites with Security and Privacy

In the post-Snowden threat environment, we understand that our clients' data is under threat from many different adversaries. Governments, cyber-criminals and foreign hackers are all trying to root your servers and own your websites. In this session, I will be covering the basics of securing servers on which websites are hosted, and why we need to encrypt all the things by default. I will present a variety of tips, tricks and configurations that help to protect both your websites and your visitors.
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