In addition to our community based events, we offer the following services to help organize, educate and advance the skills of web designers, developers, and dev shops in the New England region.

Please contact us for scheduling.


  • Drupal Training Full Day Workshop (extended version of this) $300/per person, 3 person minimum
  • Scratch for Educators 2 hour Workshop (like this) $200/per person, 3 person minimum
  • Scratch Day for Kids (2 hours) (like this) $200/per 10 kids, 10 person minimum
  • Scratch Full Day for Kids with Curriculum: 1 Instructor minimum per 10 kids, $800 per instructor
  • Code of Conduct writing workshop $300/per person, 3 person minimum
  • Unique and attractive benefits/”perks” workshop (​Finding and implementing) $200/per person, 3 person minimum
  • Inclusive benefits packages workshop (Approaches on how to appeal to a diverse group) $200/per person, 3 person minimum


  • Regular Managed Performance Reviews $200/per person
  • Code of Conduct review/revision consulting $200/hr
  • Office Environment evaluations/consulting $200/hr
  • Job Description/Ads evaluation $200/hr
  • Consultation on benefits packages $200/hr
  • “Workplace Strategy”- consulting to develop a strategy plan to help meet diversity and workplace goals $200/hr