Kids can be NERDs too!

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The conference schedule is looking great!

And there are lots of great FREE workshops for kids at the NERD Summit 2015. We're helping to raise the next generation of innovators, creative thinkers, and technologists!

Check it out:

Saturday, September 12th 
Build a webpage with HTML & CSS 
Draw in 3D with SketchUp! 
Game Programming with Construct 2 
JavaScript is Everywhere! 
Got an App for That? 
Graphics Programming with Processing 
Scratch Programming 
Green Screen Video Fun 
Programming in Python


Sunday, September 13th 
EV3 Robotics 
Rube Goldberg chain reaction - WeDo Robotics
Makerspace with Arduino

You can find the full list of kids workshops here:

All workshops are free, but space is limited, so please register for the youth workshops to let us know you are coming. Age ranges vary by workshop, but are generally appropriate for either 7+ or 12+. Some laptops are available to borrow for the day as well.

Childcare for younger kids not quite ready to start hacking is available as well. Please register here: