name Organization Job title Reason for account
Ishita Dasgupta AI, programming languages, algorithms & Information retrieval
Jackie Fallon FIT Solutions, LLC President
JacksonHoose's picture Jackson Hoose
Jacob Cardinal Computer Networking and programming languages.
Jacob Lauzier
Jacob Palma Intro in Java and web design
Jade Wonderlie
Jake Bernstein NerdSummit looks like a great way to learn a lot about programming and meet a lot of like-minded, driven, and passionate individuals.
Jake Del Hagen New technology Website build-outs Connecting the internet of things
James Yanyuk Software and Web Development
James Williams
James Yanyuk
e1nh4nd3r's picture James Goin Acquia, Inc. Cloud Services Engineer, Tier 1 SysAdmin stuff, host automation, Jekyll/Octopress, blogging, tabletop/board gaming
James Mileski
Jami Fisher
Jamie Thomas NorthPoint Digital Head of Sales
Jamileth Barrera Learn how to do coding games
Janelle Thorson
Janet Leydon Bartlett Interactive Project Manager Project Manager that just attended Drupal4Design Boston Conference and is interested in being a more active community member.
Janita Chalam Amherst College Junior Developer Javascript, Node.js, Ruby on Rails
Jared Starr
jasonondesign's picture Jason Mark Gravity Switch Usability. Efficiency. Change. Chaos. Perfection.
tatewaky's picture Jason Acuna Common Media Drupal Developer
Jason Acuna Assisting as speaker on drupal topic.
JasonWoof's picture Jason Woofenden programmer I'm planning to attend Saturday only.
Jason Porter Want to learn how to write in code
Jason Dale
jpamental's picture Jason Pamental H+W Design Principal, Co-founder Design, cycling, tinkering with a 45 year old sports car & Drupal!
Jasper Lieber Software Engineer
Jay Lavelle I am a software engineer with many years of experience in T-SQL, SSRS, HTML, CSS, Javascript, and ASP.NET. I'm always looking for new ways to stay informed and network.
Jay Velez I want to learn how to code. I don't find any resources for adults to do so in Western Massachusetts.
Jaycee Rodulfo Web development, Scripting, Deployment and CMS
jayme johnson Last Call Media developer
jayme johnson's picture jayme johnson Last Call Media Junior Developer
Jean Maynard Register attendees for Nerd 2015 Summit from University of MA
JTypePlus's picture Jeannette Tibbetts JTypePlus Virtual Assistant Wordpress--child themes, plugins, membership sites, security Social Media--Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest Email Marketing Affiliate Marketing
Jeff Ackley EcoSite Competition
Jeff Hobbs News, Code, Spaces Between.
Jeff Gnatek Scratch Software Engineer Interested in attending the NERD summit and potentially helping with some beginning sessions.
plotkin's picture Jeff Plotkin Plotkin Software LLC Software Engineer interest in web application and general software engineering with LAMP.
Jeff Dickens Drupal, Wordpress, JavaScript, JQuery, PHP, MySQL, and anything OS related that can help me in my job, especially server side stuff.
jlandfried's picture Jeff Landfried Last Call Media Senior Developer
Jeffrey Peck
jenlampton's picture Jen Lampton Backdrop CMS Co-Founder
Jenn Ramsay Wordpress, Web Development, Video Production, PEG TV, Graphic Design
Jennifer Paxton Fiksu Recruiter Mobile, Ruby, Python, Java
Jennifer Thunder UMASS Communications Specialist
Jennifer Whitehead