namesort descending Organization Job title Reason for account
Kevin Hulse I am a software engineer with a passion for technical education. I work at Atalasoft in Easthampton. I am interested in teaching and learning in your community.
Topher Hunt Freelance Rails web developer
Ifeanyi Ibe Please send a visa letter for me to be able to attend the conference.
Tina Ingmann Application Developer .NET, Web development
Devasena Inupakutika Programming and Robots
mai's picture Mai Irie Alley Interactive Software Developer
Tomas Ja Web development
Steven Jackson Rooted Logics Drupal Fella For more information and to ultimately purchase tix/etc.
Tiffany Jao
peeja's picture Peter Jaros The Web, Ruby, Clojure, video production, art, making stuff, humans, lists.
mjassen's picture Morgan Jassen Software Support Engineer Software Customer Support; WordPress; Web Development
Erik Jenkins Ruby, Rails, web app development
Geri Jennings Stratus EMR Chief of Software Development
Edward Jennings Web development, WordPress development, PHP, HTML5, CSS3>
Rob Jobs to test jobs
Peter Johanson Medsphere Systems Corporation Manager, Product Development ReSTful APIs, hypermedia, JS SPAs, Domain Driven Design, CQRS.
MrAdamJohn's picture Adam John Various.
rose john java,js,scala
jayme johnson's picture jayme johnson Last Call Media Junior Developer
jayme johnson Last Call Media developer
creocoding's picture Travis Johnston Creo Coding Owner/Web Developer I specialize in Drupal Development, with some beginner-intermediate WP development as well. When I'm not sitting in front of the computer, you can usually find me outside mountain biking, skiing, hiking, or kayaking.
Katelyn Joly Fuzz Productions Front End Developer
Marvin Jones Greenville Technical College Mathematics Instructor Created account to be added as a presenter.
Steven Jones
cjones's picture Chloe Jones FreshJones Creative DEO Drupal, networking, team building, being creative and strategic, developing tools to help our communities, hiking, biking, cooking and most of all family.
Aleda Jonquil
Aleda Jonquil PHP, Javascript & jQuery, Drupal, WordPress, front end development
Kelsey Jordan
Taylor Jorgenson I WANNA CODE
Sasha Joseph Fuzz Productions Director of Web Development Automation, testing, server infrastructure, asynchronous architecture, error reporting, emerging technologies, design patterns, code style.
Lark's picture Larry K.
Alley Kae I would like to learn how to code... It seems...MAGICAL
Aaron Kaplowitz Networking, security, backend/backbone structures, the Internet.
rohan kapoor Web applications and robotics
emily's picture Emily Karungi Coder in 90 Founder Web development, product management, Girl Geek Kampala, WOPA, and Coder in 90
Nick Katko
Nick Katko Drupal
Yael Kaufman
Jocelyn Kennedy
brendan kenny Professional: Architecture and infrastructure of technology type things General: Jamming, hiking, spending time with my family outdoors.
gaines's picture Gaines Kergosien Vanick Digital Senior Solutions Architect
KevinKestyn's picture Kevin Kestyn Everett Communications SEO Consultant SEO - Internet Marketing - Web Design
Tiffany Kha
Marwa Khaboor
Peter King For 2015 nerd Summit I will co-instructing 'Javascript is Everywhere' for Saturday's youth track.
meagan King Really just wanted a hobby. Sounded like a lot of fun.
Pat King Want to stay up to date, cross promote through my game developer group ( and help out when possible.
Abby Kingman Signing up for NERD Summit 2015