name Organization Job titlesort descending Reason for account
Ellen Hanick Users and programming
Andrzej Lipski
Thais Correia
peeja's picture Peter Jaros The Web, Ruby, Clojure, video production, art, making stuff, humans, lists.
Michael South
Kelly Albrecht
Caleb Bryant Im working day to day at a manual labor force. My body is finally telling me to stop destroying it and work with something i know i would love.
Deric Harrington I'm a Drupal content manager who is looking to expand into learning the back-end of it.
Kate Bronstad Academic & public libraries, Drupal in university/educational/non-profit settings; usability, diversity. Want to learn more about accessibility.
Chris Amato Web development, business development, product design, 3D printing sculpture, jazz.
steven ward to learn how to code
First name Last name
Kevin Hulse I am a software engineer with a passion for technical education. I work at Atalasoft in Easthampton. I am interested in teaching and learning in your community.
Madison Burke Piano, starcraft, programming
Yinglai Yang Version control, Matlab, Data analysis, Scientific programming
Aaron Evan-Browning python, arduino, basic avr programming, sensory prosthetics, haptics, VR, Vim, arch linux, musical saw, paper folding ...
Doug Bezona Java,SQL,Web Development
Alan Zaffetti Enterprise software development in Scala.
David Todd Academic advisor for UMass IT Minor.
joshua axelrod i want to learn how to code
Jade Wonderlie
George Aguiar Technical stuff
Justin Aquadro Recommendation by new employer.
Sean Noran Graphics, Robotics, AI, Software design
Vitalii Titushyn Interested in Web development
Amy Parker Drupal, Training
Ellen Doyle
JacksonHoose's picture Jackson Hoose
Luke Williams
Michael Roberts Online education and course development.
Sean Eddings Last Call Media
Ishita Dasgupta AI, programming languages, algorithms & Information retrieval
roger batum
Yash Mopur Learn coding
Anushree Ghosh Social Media analytics and predictions, Knowledge Discovery from Big Data, Mathematical Simulation and Modelling
Ifeanyi Ibe Please send a visa letter for me to be able to attend the conference.
Marshall Poe I'm a wannabe nerd. No, really, I run a web business called the New Books Network ( and I'm knee deep in Wordpress all the time. And I do a little development without the benefit of any knowledge of development. If you see what I mean.
Brad Sulewski Web development, web frameworks
stryder nix to get better at coding
David Mayo
Bethany Seeger software - mostly lower-level, but I do like to understand web stuff; farming; good food
Eric Bates Too much to list. Frameworks, Drupal, advanced Drupal staging (e.g. db duplication/sanitization, codifying settings that Features doesn't cover into custom module, etc.), sass/compass, Zurb foundation, site security, jquery, node.js, Javascript, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera...