name Organization Job title Reason for account
Francois Fleury
fred steinberg web development, etc.
Freddy Nguyen
Gabe Ripley's picture Gabe Smith Common Media Inc. Director of Operations
Gail Parsloe
gaines's picture Gaines Kergosien Vanick Digital Senior Solutions Architect
Gary Parker University of Massachusetts Amherst Manager of Web Services
g7morris's picture Gavin Morris Common Media Inc. Digital Repositories Solutions Team Lead & DevOps Employment Opportunities, Networking, Volunteering, Advancing technical skills, Learning.
serundeputy's picture Geoff St. Pierre Common Media Sr. Web Developer Linux/UNIX, PHP, Drupal, Backdrop CMS, Wordpress, dev;
George Aguiar Technical stuff
Georgy Cohen
Geri Jennings Stratus EMR Chief of Software Development
gilbert martinez
Giles Birch Tech-Tamer Principal
gobinathm's picture Gobinath Mallaiyan Solution Architect (Drupal) Drupal Web Security
Gowri Grewal
Grace Lee
Graham Graham I want to learn code
Gravity Switch
Greg Stout
Greg Perham Swing Graphics Owner
gpurcell's picture Greg Purcell
greggmarshall's picture Gregg Marshall NYS ITS Web Services Drupal Developer Drupal developer working with the State of New York as a contractor.
gretchenduhaime's picture Gretchen Duhaime Holistic Back Office Co-Founder women in tech, cms, social media
Griffen Fargo Looking for conferences in my local area - currently working in Waltham as a full time Front-End Web Developer.
Hailu Dyami Drupal 8, actionkit, civicrm, jquery, stuff i dont know already
Hal Marshall
Hannah Burton Because i can
Hannah Burton At school we are doing a thing called genius hour which you have 20 percent of your work time to learn about what you want to ,so i have always wanted to learn how to code. genius hour originated from google because they got 20 percent of their work time to learn about whatever they wanted to so then some of googles best products came out of it
Hao Luong I am currently a senior at University of Massachusetts Amherst, I am majoring in Mathematics Computing and I am also minoring in Information Technology. I would like to do a start up either opening my own business or website. I am interested in YouTube industry and I also have my own website for my business but I would like to learn more development skills before I enter the real world. This could be the opportunity.
Harrison Marick
Hawley Waldman Wordpress, Drupal, gis related sites, Ruby, JavaScript
Heather Bauer BioRAFT Junior Usability Specialist Usability, Prototyping, User Research
hlrjo's picture Heather O'Neill Above the Fold President
Heidi Stanclift I have a small web development company in Keene NH.
HTWong's picture Heidi Tobias Wong Acquia Director Online Learning Drupal, Women in Tech and Good Beer
Helen Hood
Henry Strand
Herlinda Landers Web Design, Internet Marketing, Homeschool Mom-Teacher,
hossein hp
Hriday Chawla
I Linfield
Ian Carrico Vox Media Performance Artist A friend steered me here, was looking for information on teaching a class for NERD Summit. Developer @ Vox Media, have taught classes from RWD to performance work.
Ifeanyi Ibe Please send a visa letter for me to be able to attend the conference.
Igor Senderovich
Igor Senderovich To join the NERDS community as a new developer in the area and to participate in the NERDS Summit in September.
Isaiah Mann Game programming