namesort descending Organization Job title Reason for account
Dan Gurin Drupal, development, design, architecture, coding.
Jon Gutierrez
Tom Ha Jobs Public Relations
Edward Haber
Maggie Haigis Years ago I built a website with Drupal. I have forgotten SO much and need to revamp it and update everything and learn it again. This workshop seems perfect. Thanks.
RoasterBoy's picture Karl Hakkarainen Queen Lake Consulting IT consultant Information architecture, mobile platforms, lifelong learning
Micayla Hall
Andrew Haller N/A
Ken Hamilton McKesson Senior Software Engineer Keeping my software job, C#, learning python, tinkering, my family, Judo, teaching my kids about electronics and computers, depth psychology, not continuing to act as a massively entitled person.
Vernice Hammonds's picture Chris Hamper Freelance Web Designer Drupal, WordPress, Joomla!, Web Design, Web Development, Linux SysAdmin, Sci-fi, Nature, Hiking, Reading
cwworks's picture Cheryl Handsaker Charlemont Web Works, OriginEight, CommunicateHealth Technical Project Manager Presenting Reporting an issue: What developers really want to know
Ellen Hanick User Research and accessibility Education Development Programming
Ellen Hanick Programming and User experience
Ellen Hanick Users and programming
kevin hannon
Steve Hanson's picture Steve Hanson Cruiskeen Consulting LLC Principal Consultant Presentation on Panopoly
Sean Hanson Want to learn, make a career change into coding.
Dan Harper UMass Senior Software Engineer Drupal, PHP, MySQL, Drush. Basically building extensible web apps for higher ed. (e.g., job boards, campus visits, scholarships database, grant and contract management etc...)
Kate Harrington Mom of H.S. Freshman into robotics, online gaming, live action role play and legos.
Deric Harrington I'm a Drupal content manager who is looking to expand into learning the back-end of it.
Michael Harris
Mike Harty NorthPoint Solutions Senior Consultant
Von Harvey Graphic & web design, visual branding
Michael Harvey UMass Amherst Senior Applications Analyst Perl, PHP, SQL, JavaScript and HTML5
MH's picture Martina Haskins
natehaug's picture Nate Haug Backdrop CMS Co-Founder
Susan Heitker Drupal training on Nov. 15, 2014
Kahil Henderson Coding, Programming
Dominique Hernandez
hewittb's picture Ben Hewitt BuildingGreen Web Developer Drupal, caching and site performance
Rob Higgins Drupal development, web design, open source technologies, module development, BJJ, boxing, mixed martial arts.
alec hill drupal, php, linux, git, javascript
Jonathan Hills Python, Lisp, FOSS
Ngan Hoang
Jeff Hobbs News, Code, Spaces Between.
Emily Hodos Developing WordPress website. Learning about Joomla. Anything else I can learn to develop my own website and other web-based needs of my business.
Beryl Hoffman Elms College Programming, education.
robbiethegeek's picture Robbie Holmes Johnson & Johnson Senior Digital Engineer all things nerdy
Helen Hood
Rick Hood's picture Rick Hood Common Media Project Manager Interested in advancement of technology in Western Massachusetts. Highly committed as a major organizer or local Drupal Meetups and Camps.
JacksonHoose's picture Jackson Hoose
Ailia Hopkins
Tomal Hossain
Steve Houston I want to register for the Learn Drupal workshop!
hossein hp
ahripak's picture Alexander Hripak Credly Director of Engineering
Alexander Hripak Fuzz Productions Senior Developer