name Organization Job titlesort descending Reason for account
Paulette Rochford Interest in building websites and meeting like minded people.
Daniel Mariselli
Aditi Vora
Andrea Powers
Beryl Hoffman Elms College Programming, education.
Melissa Giraud learning and tech
Ellen Hanick Programming and User experience
Abraham Martinez I want to learn how to code
Aviva Galpert
Nikita Mehra Computer Networks, Algorithms and Operating System
David Clark
Thomas MacLean I would like to potentially attend and vote on sessions.
Jonathan Caris
Christopher Thompson Tickets for NERD 2015
Youjia Zhang I want to attend the NERD 2015 conference.
Wouter Schievink Computer Science, Sculpture, Computer Programming, Philosophy, Welding, Robotics, Intentional Communities, Anarchism,
Sarah Dunton educational technology mobile technologies informal STEM education
mdechiara's picture Michael DeChiara strategic online communications for non-profits and social activism
Niketh Murali
Sarah Broome Submit proposals
Dave Neill Drupal, PHP, Git
Joslyn Tchaicha
Brandon De Leon
June Gregg
Daisy Frederick Coding for middle schoolers, including Scratch,, MIT App. Inventor, Lego mindstorms, processing, game design with MMF2, and codeacademy.
Jing Xie
Lisa Korpiewski To attend the 2015 NERD Summit
Thomas Lam Web development, Drupal, HTML/CSS, Javascript
Jericho Animest
Adrienne LaPierre
David Patlut
Ajay Gallewale Interested in teaching (conducting a session)
Leif Dickison Environmental Science/Design
Eric Bates staging sysadmin theming
Andrzej Lipski
Thais Correia
Daphne Tucker
Mikhail Vink
Ryan Struhl
alec hill drupal, php, linux, git, javascript
Caleb Bryant Im working day to day at a manual labor force. My body is finally telling me to stop destroying it and work with something i know i would love.
Deric Harrington I'm a Drupal content manager who is looking to expand into learning the back-end of it.