name Organization Job title Reason for account
Doug Lowing's picture Doug Lowing Burgess Group Data Analyst SQL, building drupal sites
Doug Martin
Doug Bezona Java,SQL,Web Development
dreamarks's picture drea Marks Scratch programming, Lego WE-do robotics, Pico cricket, digital media design and dance video production.
milsyobtaf's picture Dustin Younse Four Kitchens Engineer
Dylan Scinicariello
Eamonn Edge Drupal, Design, Web, Print, The Walking Dead, Fonts, Coffee, Red Sox
Eamonn Edge Drupal, Tablet publishing, graphic design CSS
Edward Haber
Edward Jennings Web development, WordPress development, PHP, HTML5, CSS3>
leenwebb's picture Eileen Webb webmeadow Director of Strategy & Livestock Structured content, CMSes, birds
Eizabeth Sheirer Drupal, website usability
Eli Sears
Eliza Summers Work at UMass/live in Amherst. Have a 7-year-old son who is into IT/Tech. Realize we missed out on a great opportunity here at UMass a week or 2 back. Would like to be able to participate in the future.
Elizabeth LaPrade Cider House Design Owner / Account Executive
Ellen Hanick User Research and accessibility Education Development Programming
Ellen Lindsey Need to learn how to create a website for a nonprofit group.
Ellen Doyle
Ellen Hanick Programming and User experience
Ellen Hanick Users and programming
Elyssa Marie's picture Elyssa Serrilli Permaculture Institute of the Northeast Project Manager, Guide To connect with brilliant, passionate people. To co-develop an online platform that supports regenerative cultural enterprises, like permaculture, Transition to local resiliency, non-violence, the 8 Shields, play and flow.
Emily Hodos Developing WordPress website. Learning about Joomla. Anything else I can learn to develop my own website and other web-based needs of my business.
emilydoucette's picture Emily Doucette Farm Credit Financial Partners, Inc. HR Analyst / Recruiting Specialist
Emily Tizard
Emily B I want to learn how to code and all that jazz.
emily scagel
emily's picture Emily Karungi Coder in 90 Founder Web development, product management, Girl Geek Kampala, WOPA, and Coder in 90
Emma Roberts Science, Technology and Society; Political Science; Philosophy
Eric Bates Too much to list. Frameworks, Drupal, advanced Drupal staging (e.g. db duplication/sanitization, codifying settings that Features doesn't cover into custom module, etc.), sass/compass, Zurb foundation, site security, jquery, node.js, Javascript, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera...
Eric Bosco Investigative Reporting
Eric Fiedler Coffee & IPythons
Eric Bates staging sysadmin theming
Eric Pahl development
Erica Stockwell-Alpert
Erik Jenkins Ruby, Rails, web app development
Erik Amlee Attention Based Currency Web Developer Programming, Digital media, Cryptocurrency, Art
eporama's picture Erik Peterson Acquia, Inc. Manager, Support Engineering
Erin Stathis Youth programming
erinfogel's picture Erin Fogel DevCollaborative Drupal Project Manager and Site Builder Drupal, Project Management, Websites for nonprofits
Eunice Park
Evelyn Ting software engineering
First name Last name
First name Last name
First name Last name FCTS teacher I want a tee shirt.
First name Last name
Fran Fortino Drupal, CMS, web development, WordPress,
Franc Eckland learn about computers and their maintance
Francois Fleury