namesort descending Organization Job title Reason for account
B.Fox's picture Brad Fox FX2 Web Solutions Freelance Web Developer Interests include anything that will help a relatively new web developer become a Drupal and WordPress guru. As a developer, my current focus is on helping non-profits and small businesses with affordable web solutions.
Lou Franco
ddfrazier's picture David Frazier Frazier Creative Services Owner design & technology
Daisy Frederick Coding for middle schoolers, including Scratch,, MIT App. Inventor, Lego mindstorms, processing, game design with MMF2, and codeacademy.
Richard Freedman University of Massachusetts Amherst Graduate Research Assistant Speaker for the Processing Workshop on Saturday.
Molly Frey
Tom Fricke 9-12 education
Mark Friedman
Stephanie_42's picture Stephanie Fuda VisionMix Digital Media .inc Senior Web Developer
Nate Fuller Music, Video Games, Design/Usability, Food, Game of Thrones
Jordan Funke Coding in education, web design, how to get into the field
chadfurman's picture Chad Furman Clevertech Full Stack Developer Presenting on Rapid App Development in Ionic, Sails, and Mongo
Chad Furman Clevertech Full Stack Developer Presenting
Natalia Gabrieleva
tessgadwa's picture Tess Gadwa Yes Exactly, Inc. Founder I am co-presenting a talk at the NERD Summit.
Seamus Gahan Would like to attend the conference with my son and support the org.
ageisp0lis's picture Kevin Gallagher Last Call Media Systems Administrator Linux, systems administration, activism, privacy, surveillance, freedom of information, encryption
Ajay Gallewale Interested in teaching (conducting a session)
Aviva Galpert
Adriane Gan
Andrew Garcia NorthPoint Digital Recruiter
Nikhil Garg
Deb Garrity
Darius's picture Darius Garza Chapter Three Designer design, technology, hacktivism, open licensing/copyright, adventure, photography, electronic music, festivals, drupal, community, internet advocacy, leds, hacking, nihilism, form & function
Rebecca Gatesman I work at a PR firm and represent technology clients.
chris gauthier networking, cisco, linux, computer repair, network security
Anthony Gentile Programming Small projects like building arduiono board projects Running Boxing Beatboxxing
Tony Germano CAIA Web Developer Everything related to computers
toktam ghamari ;)
Anushree Ghosh Social Media analytics and predictions, Knowledge Discovery from Big Data, Mathematical Simulation and Modelling
Kasif Gilbert Software Developer Web Development, Ruby on Rails, Machine Learning, Cloud Computing
amanda_giles's picture Amanda Giles IT Consultant Web Development, WordPress, Women in Tech
Melissa Giraud learning and tech
leslieg's picture Leslie Glynn Ownsourcing Lead Drupal trainer
Jeff Gnatek Scratch Software Engineer Interested in attending the NERD summit and potentially helping with some beginning sessions.
wimg's picture Wim Godden Solutions Lead architect
e1nh4nd3r's picture James Goin Acquia, Inc. Cloud Services Engineer, Tier 1 SysAdmin stuff, host automation, Jekyll/Octopress, blogging, tabletop/board gaming
Ally Gonthier
Ally Gonthier
ttamniwdoog's picture Matt Goodwin Goodwin Consulting Drupal
Anna-Maria Goossens Parent of attendee
Graham Graham I want to learn code
Jessica Grant I've been asked to teach a workshop at nerd 2015.
David Greenberg database-driven web apps, app development
June Gregg
Paul Grenier Sports Technologies JavaScript Developer JavaScript, HTML5, mobile
Gowri Grewal
Tanya Gupta