name Organization Job title Reason for account
Dan Harper UMass Senior Software Engineer Drupal, PHP, MySQL, Drush. Basically building extensible web apps for higher ed. (e.g., job boards, campus visits, scholarships database, grant and contract management etc...)
Dan Chu Data & Security Intro to Programming in the workforce
Dan Wright Drupal
Dan Stafford
Dan Gurin Drupal, development, design, architecture, coding.
Dan Drapeau NorthPoint Digital Consultant
ddrapeau's picture Dan Drapeau NorthPoint Digital Consultant PHP, Drupal, Applied Machine Learning, Cyber Security
Daniel Smoliga Mechatronics, remote web-based data analysis, Python, C+, Matlab
Daniel Nelson app dev, startups
Daniel Castrillon Reyes Front end web development
Daniel Mariselli
daniel_rose's picture Daniel Rose Dartmouth College Web Designer Interested in networking and meeting some incredible people.
Daniel Black Youth programming
danny muniz
Daphne Tucker
Darius's picture Darius Garza Chapter Three Designer design, technology, hacktivism, open licensing/copyright, adventure, photography, electronic music, festivals, drupal, community, internet advocacy, leds, hacking, nihilism, form & function
Dave Neill Drupal Global Training Day Drupal - Basic Web Development
cmsdave's picture Dave Sawyer OHO Interactive Solutions Architect Drupal, Wordpress, PHP, CMS, Mobile, Collaboration, Workflow automation, Digital Strategy, SEO, Analytics, Social Media, Publishing Tech, Higher Ed Tech, Voice applications
Dave Neill Drupal, PHP, Git
David Todd Academic advisor for UMass IT Minor.
druderman's picture David Ruderman UMass Amherst Senior Software Engineer
David Moody
David Farnham I work as a Senior Financial Advisor at Merrill Lynch, and I help my clients make sound business decisions,with regard to Investments.
David Milgrim Game design, Java
david doonan stuff
David Clark
ddfrazier's picture David Frazier Frazier Creative Services Owner design & technology
David Patlut
David Mayo
David Greenberg database-driven web apps, app development
dawn.russell's picture Dawn Russell Artisan Web and Print Creative Director Bluegrass Banjo, Gardening, Strategic Thinking, Arts and Crafts
dawson david
Dayita Rajah Programming,computing,....
Deb Garrity
deborah rossman
deborah rossman
Demetria Shabazz I am on the board of a local youth, media, and social justice group. We provide high quality arts and media training for youth in Amherst and Ware, MA and partner with school districts and local media access and technology centers such as Amherst Media. Since we do not have a confirmation of which you will attend I cannot give email addresses and names. Is it possible to apply and then have issued tickets on our behalf? Our website is
Demetria Shabazz youth media and technology
Denise Buciuman-Coman Volleyball, piano, drawing, traveling, surfing the web, reading...buying nice pencils.
Deric Harrington I'm a Drupal content manager who is looking to expand into learning the back-end of it.
Devasena Inupakutika Programming and Robots
criana's picture Diana LeRoi-Schmidt CRIANA,LLC Web Designer & Developer WordPress, Plugin Development, Responsive Design, SASS, Drupal
Diana Luong Accounting Assistant I'm a beginner when it comes to programming. I want to be able to learn different programs and how they function. :] Thank you for creating this for free. I truly appreciate it.
Diane Williams
Diego Palma
Dominique Hernandez
Don Lesser development on WordPress, security.
Dorothy Dwyer Groton-Dunstable Middle School Middle School Science Curriculum Coordinator, Science Teacher STEM topics, teaching STEM, programming