namesort descending Organization Job title Reason for account
Lili Dwight
Dorothy Dwyer Groton-Dunstable Middle School Middle School Science Curriculum Coordinator, Science Teacher STEM topics, teaching STEM, programming
Hailu Dyami Drupal 8, actionkit, civicrm, jquery, stuff i dont know already
Aaron E-J The Other Realm Inventor Design coop, collaborative invention, entrepreneurship, thinking outside of the box, node, JavaScript, php, coding things from scratch, computer to human interaction/human augmentation.
Franc Eckland learn about computers and their maintance
jeckman's picture John Eckman 10up CEO WordPress, Drupal, Open Source, CMS, PHP, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, User Experience, Design, Digital Strategy
Sean Eddings Last Call Media
Eamonn Edge Drupal, Design, Web, Print, The Walking Dead, Fonts, Coffee, Red Sox
Eamonn Edge Drupal, Tablet publishing, graphic design CSS
sam emmitt I want to make games for my buddies at school
sam emmitt I want to make games for my buddies at school
Kristina England UMASS Communications Specialist
Wayne English Writing, Web content, social networking, instructing, speaking
Sam Esteves Darby O'Brien Advertising UI/UX Designer UI Design UX Design / Front-End Development
kevin euber computers, tablets, networking, A/V, virtually anything technology
Aaron Evan-Browning python, arduino, basic avr programming, sensory prosthetics, haptics, VR, Vim, arch linux, musical saw, paper folding ...
Cal Evans Pantheon Developer Advocate I create positive Developer Experiences. I help companies speak Geek.
Jesse Evers I went last year, and it was awesome!
Amy Fairbrother
Renee Fall diversity in IT; computing education K-20 --NOTE< I may have registered earlier.. apologies if this is a duplicate
Meghan Fallon
Jackie Fallon FIT Solutions, LLC President
Adonis Familia
Griffen Fargo Looking for conferences in my local area - currently working in Waltham as a full time Front-End Web Developer.
David Farnham I work as a Senior Financial Advisor at Merrill Lynch, and I help my clients make sound business decisions,with regard to Investments.
Michelle Farr Sounds like fun. I will be giving my son the information as he would love this event and everything about it. Yes my son is a NERD.
Lissie's picture Lissie Fein Sweet and Fizzy Design, development, education
Lissie Fein Design, development, makerspace
Rick Feldman INCOMMN Managing Member To be a NERD educator, to attend the summit 2015, and to propose a session for the summit
Anne Catherine Feldman I am interested in the intersection of computer science and psychology, specifically designing and using immersive virtual environments for psychology research.
Carrie Ferr
Carlos Ferreira
Joe Fiaschetti
Alice Fiddian-Green Signing up for my kid, 14, who is interesting in programming, experienced in Lego robotics and looking for MORE to dig into, and my brain operates differently.
Eric Fiedler Coffee & IPythons
Seth Fischer
benjifisher's picture Benji Fisher Education Development Center (EDC) Drupal Developer
Carie Fisher Mediacurrent Front-end Developer conference
Jami Fisher
Jim Fisk Annkissam Drupal Developer Drupal, Python/Django
Stacie Fitch I am a homeschooling mom on the look out for STEM opportunities for my kids.
tidrif's picture Thomas Fleming Last Call Media Senior Developer
Francois Fleury
nflowers1228's picture Nancy Flowers-Mangs Yale University Senior Web Community Manager
erinfogel's picture Erin Fogel DevCollaborative Drupal Project Manager and Site Builder Drupal, Project Management, Websites for nonprofits
Beth Forbush
Lisa Forestell
Fran Fortino Drupal, CMS, web development, WordPress,