name Organization Job titlesort descending Reason for account
Paloma Scabello To keep updated with the tecnologies
Scott Sauyet
Eamonn Edge Drupal, Design, Web, Print, The Walking Dead, Fonts, Coffee, Red Sox
brendan kenny Professional: Architecture and infrastructure of technology type things General: Jamming, hiking, spending time with my family outdoors.
Freddy Nguyen
John Bozaan WordPress, web development, CSS
Eizabeth Sheirer Drupal, website usability
Carole Singh Want to create maker space in Somersville CT
Robert Lane php, mysql, jquery, etc....
tommy Yamano
Emily Hodos Developing WordPress website. Learning about Joomla. Anything else I can learn to develop my own website and other web-based needs of my business.
Alexandrre Darren Learn to code.
Rebecca Gatesman I work at a PR firm and represent technology clients.
Alex Coon
Clint Warren WordPress!
Mia DeAmelio My reason is because since i was 5, i have always wanted to be a teacher and teach people what to do, and how to do.
David Moody
Peter Young wordpress site development
Sundar Kumarasamy
Seamus Gahan Would like to attend the conference with my son and support the org.
Heidi Stanclift I have a small web development company in Keene NH.
Emma Roberts Science, Technology and Society; Political Science; Philosophy
Luis Marquez
markgtoce's picture mark toce
Kharl Pierre gaming, sports
Renee Mackay
Jill McCormick
Timothy Callahan
Tyler Carter I think coding would be a fun hobby.
Luis Hernandez
Jake Del Hagen New technology Website build-outs Connecting the internet of things
Alan Wolf I can't believe I haven't made one yet! I work at Last Call Media and can't wait to go the summit!
Jacob Lauzier
Anthony Gentile Programming Small projects like building arduiono board projects Running Boxing Beatboxxing
First name Last name
lise prown wordpress and web design
Eliza Summers Work at UMass/live in Amherst. Have a 7-year-old son who is into IT/Tech. Realize we missed out on a great opportunity here at UMass a week or 2 back. Would like to be able to participate in the future.
Kahil Henderson Coding, Programming
Andrew Cavanagh