name Organization Job title Reason for account
Aviva Galpert
Ayodeji Marquis Everything there is to know to about computers
B Stevens
Badar Almarri Attending NERD Summit 2015
Barb Ackemann
Beatrice Pulliam Summit
Becky Wai-Ling Packard
Becky Sweger's picture Becky Sweger National Priorities Project Director of Data & Technology
Ben Zifkin Design Patterns, Javascript
hewittb's picture Ben Hewitt BuildingGreen Web Developer Drupal, caching and site performance
mlncn's picture benjamin melançon Agaric worker-owner political economy, justice, truth, liberty, peace, love, free software, web development, design, organization, self-government, democracy, markets, exchange, news, Drupal, information, sharing
benjifisher's picture Benji Fisher Education Development Center (EDC) Drupal Developer
Berika Williams
Beryl Hoffman Elms College Programming, education.
Beth Morrill
Beth Forbush
Bethany Seeger software - mostly lower-level, but I do like to understand web stuff; farming; good food
Bianca Surjawan Recent interest in Information Technology.
Bill Leahy's picture Bill Cole Tiger Web Designs Owner/Lead Designer
Blake Curtis Nerd Summit Registration
Bonnie Bohan Web & Interactive Deveope
B.Fox's picture Brad Fox FX2 Web Solutions Freelance Web Developer Interests include anything that will help a relatively new web developer become a Drupal and WordPress guru. As a developer, my current focus is on helping non-profits and small businesses with affordable web solutions.
Brad Sulewski Web development, web frameworks
bmoreinis's picture Bram Moreinis Going One-to-One, LLC Principal Hack for Western Mass Organizer Instructional Designer - seeking contractors (ID, eLearning) Drupal Tech Scouts:
Brandie Doyle Website design, UX, content strategy and management
Brandon Brackett Want to learn
Brandon De Leon
brendan kenny Professional: Architecture and infrastructure of technology type things General: Jamming, hiking, spending time with my family outdoors.
Brendan McKenna
Brendan McKenna
Brian Mardirosian American Meteorological Society Digital Communications Manager
allunderwater's picture Brian Legg I want to learn about coding & about nerdsummit events
Brian DeVore's picture Brianna Doxzen Last Call Media Office Administrator I want to stay in the know about NERD summit and other learning opportunities in my area.
Cal Evans Pantheon Developer Advocate I create positive Developer Experiences. I help companies speak Geek.
Caleb Bryant Im working day to day at a manual labor force. My body is finally telling me to stop destroying it and work with something i know i would love.
Cara Magliozzi
Carey Baker
Carie Fisher Mediacurrent Front-end Developer conference
Carlos Ferreira
Carole Singh Want to create maker space in Somersville CT
Carrie Ferr
Cassie Corey
Catherine Blatz
Catherine Delima
chadfurman's picture Chad Furman Clevertech Full Stack Developer Presenting on Rapid App Development in Ionic, Sails, and Mongo
Chad McGowan General Tech, web design, teaching, robotics, computer science, Instructional technology