namesort descending Organization Job title Reason for account
Denise Buciuman-Coman Volleyball, piano, drawing, traveling, surfing the web, reading...buying nice pencils.
Susan Buck's picture Susan Buck
Thomas Bunnell
Connie Burak
Madison Burke Piano, starcraft, programming
alwaysplay's picture Michael Burke Founder
Christopher Burkey Web development
Akio Burns
Hannah Burton Because i can
Hannah Burton At school we are doing a thing called genius hour which you have 20 percent of your work time to learn about what you want to ,so i have always wanted to learn how to code. genius hour originated from google because they got 20 percent of their work time to learn about whatever they wanted to so then some of googles best products came out of it
Timothy Callahan
Joey Campbell To learn how to program
Maura Carbone Islandora (Drupal),Hydra (Ruby and Ruby on Rails), PHP, Digital Preservation
Jacob Cardinal Computer Networking and programming languages.
Jonathan Caris
Ian Carrico Vox Media Performance Artist A friend steered me here, was looking for information on teaching a class for NERD Summit. Developer @ Vox Media, have taught classes from RWD to performance work.
Tyler Carter I think coding would be a fun hobby.
Christopher Carvache WordPress, coding, PHP, CSS
Meredith Case I am interested in attending the NERD Summit, specifically the Drupal camp, this year.
christian castellanos i want to learn how to code
Daniel Castrillon Reyes Front end web development
c_c's picture Chris Catalina IBM - CTG - NYS ITS Senior Drupal Web Content Developer Drupal 7, Front-End UI Design, Theming, PHP Templates, CSS, keeping Drupal development simple.
Andrew Cavanagh
Khadijah Celestine Web Development, Technology Education
Janita Chalam Amherst College Junior Developer Javascript, Node.js, Ruby on Rails
myatnoe's picture Michelle Chan UMass Amherst Student robotic, AI, ML, SE, coding, crafting,
weyakin's picture Victoria Chapman Common Media, Weyakin Designs Front-End Developer/Designer Front-End Developer and Designer at Common Media. Owner and Artist at Weyakin Designs. CSS, HTML, jQuery, Responsive Design, 508 Compliance, Drupal, WordPress, Ruby on Rails, Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator/InDesign.
Hriday Chawla
Cong Chen Pho, Python
Meghan Chiampa
Alex Chou Software Engineering, Web Development, Android Development, etc etc.
melchoyce's picture Mel Choyce Automattic Design Engineer WordPress, design's picture Richard Christian inRESONANCE Client Support Manager
Dan Chu Data & Security Intro to Programming in the workforce
Tom Clancy Web developer and CMS builder interested in learning more and teaching what I know.
Sharon Clapp archaeology, technology, libraries
David Clark
Peter Cleary
Amber Clooney Drupal, Design
John Cloys Would like to be more active in the Drupal community.
acoburn's picture Aaron Coburn Amherst College Programmer / Systems Administrator Distributed Systems, Cloud Computing, Linked Data/Semantic Web
Georgy Cohen's picture Bill Cole Tiger Web Designs Owner/Lead Designer
WaiJe Coler Want to get involved with the developers of new england.
Mallory Collins I'm interesting in getting involved in coding and the coding community.
coreycondardo's picture Corey Condardo Gravity Switch Developer Brady. 9 irons. CS:GO. Cats. Agility Ladders. Button-down shirts. I'm a developer at Gravity Switch.
Corey Condardo TeamSnap Developer
Alex Coon