name Organization Job titlesort descending Reason for account
Kyle Mendes SASS, HTML, Websites, Juggling, Video Games, C#, Lunch
Jay Lavelle I am a software engineer with many years of experience in T-SQL, SSRS, HTML, CSS, Javascript, and ASP.NET. I'm always looking for new ways to stay informed and network.
Joey Campbell To learn how to program
Nikhil Garg
B Stevens
TonyTone's picture Tony Kord Computer Networking, Firewalls, Computer Security, Systems Administration, Drupal, Life and Career Coach for IT Professionals
Will Tan
Erica Stockwell-Alpert
dreamarks's picture drea Marks Scratch programming, Lego WE-do robotics, Pico cricket, digital media design and dance video production.
Alexandria Brenon I am a Smith College junior majoring in Computer Science. I am interested in coming to the Summit.
Noah Smith
Ben Zifkin Design Patterns, Javascript
Steven Jones
Xhandee Barajas because I really want to learn to code it sounds really fun.
Luis Severino
Christopher Smith Computer, web development, travel.
Vernice Hammonds
Matthew Mattingly Painting, photography, music
Grace Lee
Dan Gurin Drupal, development, design, architecture, coding.
Colin Mitchell Programming, Interactivity, Digital Art
david doonan stuff
Tom Clancy Web developer and CMS builder interested in learning more and teaching what I know.
Akio Burns
cheryl's picture cheryl kiras
Yasmine Abulhab graphic design, web design, web development, programming, nutrition, photography, cooking
rohan kapoor Web applications and robotics
Connie Burak
Gail Parsloe
Mallory Collins I'm interesting in getting involved in coding and the coding community.
Rafe Rosen Web development, Ruby on Rails, AngularJS, responsive design.
Jocelyn Kennedy
Daniel Smoliga Mechatronics, remote web-based data analysis, Python, C+, Matlab
Francois Martel Front end Web Development, Ruby on Rails
Allyson Wainscott to get good at coding
Charles Powers I am registering for my 7-year-old son, Roman Powers-Moran who is interested in learning computer programming.
William Dextradeur
Shala London
Blake Curtis Nerd Summit Registration
Nick Lee Drupal Training Day
kevin euber computers, tablets, networking, A/V, virtually anything technology's picture Nick D'Amico creative coding
jasonondesign's picture Jason Mark Gravity Switch Usability. Efficiency. Change. Chaos. Perfection.
Allie Thorpe going to the summit