namesort descending Organization Job title Reason for account
Stephen Lester
Max Lever
Janet Leydon Bartlett Interactive Project Manager Project Manager that just attended Drupal4Design Boston Conference and is interested in being a more active community member.
Yong Liang
cristoslc's picture Cristos Lianides-Chin
Jasper Lieber Software Engineer
Kristin Lieber Interested in volunteering/participating
Alex Liebowitz Riverbed Technology Senior Software Engineer at Riverbed Technology, Webmaster/Web Developer for Podcasting, indie media, community sites, people discovery.
Xuzhang Lin Java, Python, Web Development, Internet of Things, Automation, Big Data
Ellen Lindsey Need to learn how to create a website for a nonprofit group.
I Linfield
Andrzej Lipski
Alex Lofland Web Developer
Shala London
Noelani Love To learn about some things I need in life
Doug Lowing's picture Doug Lowing Burgess Group Data Analyst SQL, building drupal sites
krlucas's picture Kelly Lucas Genuine Interactive Senior Web Developer Drupal, Semantic Web, front-end technologies, back-end technologies, computers...
Hao Luong I am currently a senior at University of Massachusetts Amherst, I am majoring in Mathematics Computing and I am also minoring in Information Technology. I would like to do a start up either opening my own business or website. I am interested in YouTube industry and I also have my own website for my business but I would like to learn more development skills before I enter the real world. This could be the opportunity.
Diana Luong Accounting Assistant I'm a beginner when it comes to programming. I want to be able to learn different programs and how they function. :] Thank you for creating this for free. I truly appreciate it.
Lilian Ma Genuine Interactive Marketing Manager
Adam Mack
Renee Mackay
Thomas MacLean I would like to potentially attend and vote on sessions.
Susan MacPhee's picture Susan MacPhee MacPhee Design Group Principal Drupal Cloud, cool cars, being a good mama.
Alison Macrina
Cara Magliozzi
Zahid Mahir
kristina mahoney Design, Front end development, web development in general, creative coding
gobinathm's picture Gobinath Mallaiyan Solution Architect (Drupal) Drupal Web Security
Pam Mandler University of Massachusetts Amherst nerd summit 2015 at UMass - Drupal
Aaron Manire Isovera Director of Web Development
Isaiah Mann Game programming
Andrew Marchetti
Tahlor Marchi
Brian Mardirosian American Meteorological Society Digital Communications Manager
Marie Margishvili AI, NLP, ML
Harrison Marick
Daniel Mariselli
jasonondesign's picture Jason Mark Gravity Switch Usability. Efficiency. Change. Chaos. Perfection.
Michael Markman Computer Sciemce
dreamarks's picture drea Marks Scratch programming, Lego WE-do robotics, Pico cricket, digital media design and dance video production.
Luis Marquez
Ayodeji Marquis Everything there is to know to about computers
Chuck Marshall Marshall Consulting VP WordPress, Wearable Computing, Business Modeling, Workflow, New Technology
greggmarshall's picture Gregg Marshall NYS ITS Web Services Drupal Developer Drupal developer working with the State of New York as a contractor.
Hal Marshall
Francois Martel Front end Web Development, Ruby on Rails
Robert Martin Financial Partners Associate Software Developer