namesort descending Organization Job title Reason for account
Luis Hernandez
Yasmine Abulhab graphic design, web design, web development, programming, nutrition, photography, cooking
Barb Ackemann
Jeff Ackley EcoSite Competition
tatewaky's picture Jason Acuna Common Media Drupal Developer
Jason Acuna Assisting as speaker on drupal topic.
Site Admin
George Aguiar Technical stuff
Tariq Ahmad programming
Lisa Aiken
kelly's picture Kelly Albrecht Last Call Media CEO Problem Solving, Diversity, Project Management, Team Building, Interested in all aspects as the NERDs project founder. Highly committed, driving organizational force.
April Albrecht
Kelly Albrecht
Kelly Albrecht New England Regional Developers
Manzilak's picture Abdullah Alghamdi Manzilak General Manager
callen6's picture Cori Allen The Fullbridge Program Technical Product Manager web development, product management, Boston Ruby Women, RailsBridge Boston, Queer Women Who Tech Boston
Aric Allen Financial Partners Business Analyst
Kyle Allen Want to learn how to code.
Badar Almarri Attending NERD Summit 2015
Chris Amato Web development, business development, product design, 3D printing sculpture, jazz.
Erik Amlee Attention Based Currency Web Developer Programming, Digital media, Cryptocurrency, Art
Laurie Anastasia UMass Amherst Compliance Analyst Been dabbling in web design for over 15 years but never studied it or gotten serious but now am considering a career change. Currently, I need to learn Drupal for work at UMass, yet they have no training available! The fact that this is available is AWESOME!! I also want to keep current on trainings for kids. Mine loved the Scratch sessions!
Kyra Anderson
Robert Anderson loungelizard web designer web developer's picture Andy Anderson Amherst College Academic Technology Specialist Web Programming, databases, scientific programming, high-performance computing, data analysis
Jericho Animest
Justin Aquadro Recommendation by new employer.
Robert Archer Python, Django, PHP, Laravel, solving problems, fencing
Andrew Armstrong Software Development!
Steven Aronstein Drupal, Filemaker, Web Design, Web Development, Design, Graphic Design
Joe Astuccio
Tom Atkins Drupal, Front End, Design, Sass
joshua axelrod i want to learn how to code
Tracy Axelson UMASS Web Developer
Emily B I want to learn how to code and all that jazz.
JoeBacal's picture Joseph Bacal Common Media, Inc. Junior Developer Computational/Creative Thinking, Progressive Technology Education, Scratch, Processing, Javascript, CSS3, Ruby, Infographics
Carey Baker