name Organization Job titlesort descending Reason for account
R.J. Steinert Joining Isovera developer Aaron Manire to see his presentation.
JP McNeal I'm a previous speaker and attendee, and want to communicate with my fellow speakers and attendees.
Jacob Cardinal Computer Networking and programming languages.
Eamonn Edge Drupal, Tablet publishing, graphic design CSS
Jeff Ackley EcoSite Competition's picture Nick D'Amico creative coding
jasonondesign's picture Jason Mark Gravity Switch Usability. Efficiency. Change. Chaos. Perfection.
Susan Montgomery
Jared Starr
kristina mahoney Design, Front end development, web development in general, creative coding
Noelani Love To learn about some things I need in life
Jessica Grant I've been asked to teach a workshop at nerd 2015.
Jeff Hobbs News, Code, Spaces Between.
Andrea Porter To earn money and to support this website.
Andrew Pasquale
Hailu Dyami Drupal 8, actionkit, civicrm, jquery, stuff i dont know already
jon saj Web dev and Software Design. Hoping to do some work on the linux kernel source or linux applications.
Jonathan Hills Python, Lisp, FOSS
Carrie Ferr
Brandon Brackett Want to learn
Richard Damon
deborah rossman
Tyler Redzko Software Development. Web Development. Java, C#, ColdFusion, Git, much more. Looking to learn a lot from this conference!
Peter King For 2015 nerd Summit I will co-instructing 'Javascript is Everywhere' for Saturday's youth track.
Jesús M. Santos I'm interested in the Computer Programming for Educators & Parents Saturday, September 13th, 2014 11am-1pm UMass Amherst - Campus Center Auditorium
Zach Wigham
gilbert martinez
Gowri Grewal
Julie Xia front-end development, software engineering, environment/sustainability-based tech
Parker Williams I'm interested in learning how to code my own website.
Lanette Miller
Timothy Beck
Shruti Shah
First name Last name
Dave Neill Drupal Global Training Day Drupal - Basic Web Development
Christopher Burkey Web development
James Yanyuk Software and Web Development
Kyle Rodrigues
James Williams
Mahesh Nattanmai
Scott Reynolds
Denise Buciuman-Coman Volleyball, piano, drawing, traveling, surfing the web, reading...buying nice pencils.
Igor Senderovich