name Organizationsort descending Job title Reason for account
Linh Le
Max Lever
Kay VanValkenburgh
Nick Katko Drupal
Jamileth Barrera Learn how to do coding games
Al Williams Interested in deeper involvement with NERD 2015, possibly as sponsor, panelist, anchor institution.
danny muniz
Clayton Salem front end development, wordpress, drupal,
Nick Katko
Chris Rowe I want to pay for my ticket.
rickumali's picture Rick Umali I'm presenting "Setting Up Your Local Development Environment"!
Maureen Tumenas tech integration, Assistive tech, coding for kids
Joanne Patalano Drupal
Ally Gonthier
Kelsey Jordan
Hannah Burton Because i can
Micayla Hall
Robert Archer Python, Django, PHP, Laravel, solving problems, fencing
lmasci's picture Leah Masci Web Developer Drupal
Hriday Chawla
April Albrecht
Joe Astuccio
kate borgstrom i want to learn coding
Gabe Ripley
Tommy Nguyen
Jessie Wallner
Erin Stathis Youth programming
Julie Russell I saw there was a learn scratch workshop for parents. I have a 13yo that I am trying to keep up with. =)
Sean Porth
MrAdamJohn's picture Adam John Various.
Eunice Park
Site Admin
Satyajeet Salvi
Ellen Hanick User Research and accessibility Education Development Programming
Jenn Ramsay Wordpress, Web Development, Video Production, PEG TV, Graphic Design
Adam Mack
Jennifer Whitehead
Taylor Jorgenson I WANNA CODE
Conner Reilly Coding
Kasif Gilbert Software Developer Web Development, Ruby on Rails, Machine Learning, Cloud Computing
Edward Jennings Web development, WordPress development, PHP, HTML5, CSS3>
I Linfield
Bill Leahy
Ryan Lanman i want to learn how to make code and then build my own website
Patrick Brown Ruby, Clojure, Go, Raspberry Pi