name Organization Job titlesort ascending Reason for account
mlncn's picture benjamin melançon Agaric worker-owner political economy, justice, truth, liberty, peace, love, free software, web development, design, organization, self-government, democracy, markets, exchange, news, Drupal, information, sharing
Aaron Bello Hosttor, Inc Website Developer For proposed sessions
donmateo's picture Matthew Wimmer Wimmerworks Webmaster Content strategy, Front-end development, WordPress, Drupal, and so much more.
lmasci's picture Leah Masci Web Developer Drupal
Matt Kornheisel Omega Institute Web Developer
Tony Germano CAIA Web Developer Everything related to computers
Tracy Axelson UMASS Web Developer
lomteslie's picture Tom Leslie Fuzz Web Developer
Alex Lofland Web Developer
Kurt Trumble Intelligent Technology Solutions Web Developer
Erik Amlee Attention Based Currency Web Developer Programming, Digital media, Cryptocurrency, Art
Kelly Dwan Web Developer
hewittb's picture Ben Hewitt BuildingGreen Web Developer Drupal, caching and site performance
nikibrown's picture Niki Brown Niki Brown Design Web Designer / Developer Web Design, Web Development, Responsive Design & Development, WordPress
criana's picture Diana LeRoi-Schmidt CRIANA,LLC Web Designer & Developer WordPress, Plugin Development, Responsive Design, SASS, Drupal
tdodson's picture Thomas Dodson Harvard University Web Designer & Developer Responsive Design, Drupal
Robert Anderson loungelizard web designer web developer
daniel_rose's picture Daniel Rose Dartmouth College Web Designer Interested in networking and meeting some incredible people.
Andrew Brown Genuine Interactive Web Application Engineer
Bonnie Bohan Web & Interactive Deveope
mklatsky's picture Michael Klatsky Esperdyne Technologies, LLC VP- Systems
Matt Stodolnic Pantheon VP Marketing and Alliances
Michael Klatsky Esperdyne Technologies VP - Systems
Chuck Marshall Marshall Consulting VP WordPress, Wearable Computing, Business Modeling, Workflow, New Technology
JTypePlus's picture Jeannette Tibbetts JTypePlus Virtual Assistant Wordpress--child themes, plugins, membership sites, security Social Media--Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest Email Marketing Affiliate Marketing
maryannpetti's picture Mary Ann Petti CommunicateHealth, Inc. UX Specialist UX and usability research, user-centered design, content strategy, & public health
jstrothman's picture Julie Strothman Green River User Experience Lead, Project Manager site search analytics, user research
Sam Esteves Darby O'Brien Advertising UI/UX Designer UI Design UX Design / Front-End Development
Ted Bowman Six Mile Tech Trainer Drupal, Training
Jessica Palmer Avon Free Public Library Technology/Technical Services Librarian
maryann's picture Mary Ann Dassatii Smith College Campus School Technology Teacher Technology for kids - Scratch, Robotics, movie making.
cwworks's picture Cheryl Handsaker Charlemont Web Works, OriginEight, CommunicateHealth Technical Project Manager Presenting Reporting an issue: What developers really want to know
miche's picture Michelle Lauer BioRAFT Technical Project Manager Drupal
callen6's picture Cori Allen The Fullbridge Program Technical Product Manager web development, product management, Boston Ruby Women, RailsBridge Boston, Queer Women Who Tech Boston
RickPlaut's picture Richard Plaut InCommN Teacher and Consultant To participate in the NERD summit 2015 with Rick Feldman offering a session on lean launch methods.
First name Last name FCTS teacher I want a tee shirt.
Kelleen Weed Systems Analyst
ageisp0lis's picture Kevin Gallagher Last Call Media Systems Administrator Linux, systems administration, activism, privacy, surveillance, freedom of information, encryption
Kara Dailey Student learning something new. Interest in computing.
peter rochford student
Patrick Regan student student Canvas, Javascript, programming languages, mathematics, computer graphics and other stuff
myatnoe's picture Michelle Chan UMass Amherst Student robotic, AI, ML, SE, coding, crafting,
rwalsh's picture Ryan Walsh Taunton Press Sr. Web Developer Drupal, Front End Dev, Guitars and Veggies.
Ryan Walsh Taunton Press Sr. Web Developer
serundeputy's picture Geoff St. Pierre Common Media Sr. Web Developer Linux/UNIX, PHP, Drupal, Backdrop CMS, Wordpress, dev;
cmsdave's picture Dave Sawyer OHO Interactive Solutions Architect Drupal, Wordpress, PHP, CMS, Mobile, Collaboration, Workflow automation, Digital Strategy, SEO, Analytics, Social Media, Publishing Tech, Higher Ed Tech, Voice applications
gobinathm's picture Gobinath Mallaiyan Solution Architect (Drupal) Drupal Web Security
mjassen's picture Morgan Jassen Software Support Engineer Software Customer Support; WordPress; Web Development