name Organization Job titlesort descending Reason for account
Linh Le
Michael Harris
Kyle Mendes SASS, HTML, Websites, Juggling, Video Games, C#, Lunch
Jamileth Barrera Learn how to do coding games
B Stevens
TonyTone's picture Tony Kord Computer Networking, Firewalls, Computer Security, Systems Administration, Drupal, Life and Career Coach for IT Professionals
Pam Mandler University of Massachusetts Amherst nerd summit 2015 at UMass - Drupal
Al Williams Interested in deeper involvement with NERD 2015, possibly as sponsor, panelist, anchor institution.
danny muniz
dreamarks's picture drea Marks Scratch programming, Lego WE-do robotics, Pico cricket, digital media design and dance video production.
Nick Katko
Chris Rowe I want to pay for my ticket.
Noah Smith
Ben Zifkin Design Patterns, Javascript
Maureen Tumenas tech integration, Assistive tech, coding for kids
Joanne Patalano Drupal
Hannah Burton Because i can
Christopher Smith Computer, web development, travel.
Vernice Hammonds
Hriday Chawla
Dan Gurin Drupal, development, design, architecture, coding.
Colin Mitchell Programming, Interactivity, Digital Art
david doonan stuff
kate borgstrom i want to learn coding
Gabe Ripley
Tommy Nguyen
cheryl's picture cheryl kiras
Yasmine Abulhab graphic design, web design, web development, programming, nutrition, photography, cooking
Erin Stathis Youth programming
Connie Burak
Gail Parsloe
MrAdamJohn's picture Adam John Various.
Eunice Park
Francois Martel Front end Web Development, Ruby on Rails
Ellen Hanick User Research and accessibility Education Development Programming
Charles Powers I am registering for my 7-year-old son, Roman Powers-Moran who is interested in learning computer programming.
William Dextradeur
Shala London
Taylor Jorgenson I WANNA CODE
Conner Reilly Coding
Rafe Rosen Web development, Ruby on Rails, AngularJS, responsive design.'s picture Nick D'Amico creative coding
jasonondesign's picture Jason Mark Gravity Switch Usability. Efficiency. Change. Chaos. Perfection.