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Mindful Project Management: Projects are Alive; Expect Up & Downs; Be Calm & Radiate

Do these statements create stress in your day and projects? This project is way over budget. We are never going to make the deadline. Client expectations are not being met. That is out of...


Minecraft is an open-ended, creative game about breaking and placing blocks.

Nearly Headless Drupal There are some things Drupal is great at, and some things it is, well, less great at. With years of hard work, Drupal has become a pretty strong content manager. Intermediate
NERD Party!

Join us for food, drinks, games, and music!

Open source is not just free software Open source is not just a means to obtaining free software, it also provides us an opportunity to shape and improve the tools we use. Beginner
Polishing Code with PHP CodeSniffer

Do you think that white space matters? Does your boss or your client insist on "TRUE" instead of "true", or vice versa? Are you contributing to an open-source project that has developed its own...

Polymer + Web Components

Web Components is an exciting new standard providing the foundation for creating your own custom elements for use in browser based applications. Google's Polymer library builds upon the core Web...

Programming in Python

Python is a widely used programming language that is easy to learn and very powerful.

Rapid App Development with Ionic, Sails, and Mongo Using Generator-M to scaffold an Ionic / AngularJS app, and using Sails to rapidly generate an MVC backend hooked up to MongoDB, we will build together a hybrid mobile app over the course of the hour... Intermediate
Rapid Insights With Current Python Machine Learning Tools

This talk will offer a brief overview of Machine Learning and its role in strategy, analytics and data classification, as well as offer a mini-training through examples of Rapid Development of...

Reflections and Follow-Ups 2015 Hack for Western Mass

Learn more about this annual, local event that connects civic-minded tech professionals with nonprofits in need of elegant web and mobile solutions. How does Hack for Western Mass work? Who is...

Reporting an issue: What developers really want to know What makes a useful bug report or issue ticket? Beginner
Rube Goldberg chain reaction – WeDo Robotics

Create a Rube Goldberg-style chain reaction, using Scratch, LEGO WeDo, rubber balls, duct-tape, and a variety of other playful materials.

Scratch Programming

In this step-by-step workshop we’ll help you learn enough vector drawing and coding to design and program your own interactive character.

SEO Begins before Design

Today good website search engine optimization relies upon how content is framed and delivered. For Google to properly rank a website, it must interpret the websites context and strength of that...

Setting Up Your Local Dev Environment Having a reliable and comprehensive local development environment has gotten easier and easier over the past few years, but setting one up can still be mysterious. Beginner
The Flexibility of Drupal

The future is here. What's Drupal got to do with it?

"The future is already here— it’s just not very evenly distributed." —William Gibson

The MEAN Stack Made Simple with Mean.js

The Tidy Git: Streamlining Your Development Workflow Collaborating with Git is now an essential skill for developers in today's market. It's not enough to know how to push and pull commits. The real power of Git emerges when adhering to a successful... Advanced


No sessions have been published.