namesort descending Organization Job title Reason for account
CKiras's picture Cheryl Kiras LCM Project Manager
cheryl's picture cheryl kiras
Nathan Kirschbaum Application Developer
Andy Klapper
Wil Klass
mklatsky's picture Michael Klatsky Esperdyne Technologies, LLC VP- Systems
Michael Klatsky Esperdyne Technologies VP - Systems
michael klein
joshk's picture Joshua Koenig Drupal, WordPress, cloud
Venkatesh Kashyap Konanur Gopi Krishna solving technical challenges, reading novels and technical content, cycling, soccer, programming, control systems design, robotics
TonyTone's picture Tony Kord Computer Networking, Firewalls, Computer Security, Systems Administration, Drupal, Life and Career Coach for IT Professionals
Matt Kornheisel Omega Institute Web Developer
Lisa Korpiewski To attend the 2015 NERD Summit
Zoe Kritzberger
Meg Kroeplin
Kate Kruckemeyer educational uses of technology
Sundar Kumarasamy
Thomas Lam Web development, Drupal, HTML/CSS, Javascript
Tamba Lamin I use Drupal, live in New York City and want to belong
jenlampton's picture Jen Lampton Backdrop CMS Co-Founder
Herlinda Landers Web Design, Internet Marketing, Homeschool Mom-Teacher,
jlandfried's picture Jeff Landfried Last Call Media Senior Developer
Robert Lane php, mysql, jquery, etc....
Ryan Lanman i want to learn how to make code and then build my own website
Adrienne LaPierre
Elizabeth LaPrade Cider House Design Owner / Account Executive
Amy Lashley Amherst College Senior Applications Developer
Amy Lashley
mlassoff's picture Mark Lassoff LearnToProgram Media Founder Programming, Teaching, Web Development and Design, Mobile, Game Development. Dining Out, Aviation.
First name Last name
First name Last name
First name Last name FCTS teacher I want a tee shirt.
First name Last name
miche's picture Michelle Lauer BioRAFT Technical Project Manager Drupal
mollie-shae laurent I wont to lrean how to code.
Jacob Lauzier
Jay Lavelle I am a software engineer with many years of experience in T-SQL, SSRS, HTML, CSS, Javascript, and ASP.NET. I'm always looking for new ways to stay informed and network.
Lisa Laviolette I saw the conference referenced on the Holyoke Codes website and I'm interested in finding out what this group is about.
Linh Le
Tom Leader
Bill Leahy
Grace Lee
Nick Lee Drupal Training Day
allunderwater's picture Brian Legg I want to learn about coding & about nerdsummit events
Olivia and Carina Lemire learning how to build my website
criana's picture Diana LeRoi-Schmidt CRIANA,LLC Web Designer & Developer WordPress, Plugin Development, Responsive Design, SASS, Drupal
lomteslie's picture Tom Leslie Fuzz Web Developer
Don Lesser development on WordPress, security.