namesort ascending Organization Job title Reason for account
Yash Mopur Learn coding
Mike Moore PHP, iOS
David Moody
Trinity Montoya Ruby on Rails, Ruby, Programming Bootcamps, MEAN stack
Nick Monti
Susan Montgomery
Steven Molitor I would like to attend the New England Regional Developers Summit.
Colin Mitchell Programming, Interactivity, Digital Art
Lisa Mirabile NERD Summit 2015 registration
Relina Mills Would like to know when any future summits and/ or other events are happening.
Lanette Miller
David Milgrim Game design, Java
Anne and Jim Mileski I am registering my two boys , Thomas and John for the NERD weekend at UMASS Amherst.
James Mileski
mikemiles86's picture Michael Miles Genuine Interactive Associate Director of PHP To purchase a ticket for the 2015 NERDSummit.
miclovich's picture victor miclovich Imaginarium Partner Python and Ruby coding. I love mobile app design too.
Alley Michel Big Data for equitable urban development! Html/CSS web design Community Engagement Consulting
freescholar's picture Micky Metts agaric Drupal Hacker - Industry Organizer Drupal, PHP, Community, FREE SOFTWARE, GNU/Linux, VOIP, VoIPdrupal
luiz messi
Norman Meso's picture Marli Mesibov Mad*Pow Content strategist I would like to apply to speak at the NERD Summit.
Kyle Mendes SASS, HTML, Websites, Juggling, Video Games, C#, Lunch
mlncn's picture benjamin melançon Agaric worker-owner political economy, justice, truth, liberty, peace, love, free software, web development, design, organization, self-government, democracy, markets, exchange, news, Drupal, information, sharing
Nikita Mehra Computer Networks, Algorithms and Operating System
JP McNeal I'm a previous speaker and attendee, and want to communicate with my fellow speakers and attendees.
John McNeal
DamienMcKenna's picture Damien McKenna Mediacurrent Lead Drupal Architect Drupal
Brendan McKenna
Brendan McKenna
Xavian's picture Michael McIntosh Esperdyne Technologies, LLC CEO / Founder / Search Architect / Chief Nerd Web and Distributed Systems Development, Search Engine Architecture, Brain Computer Interfaces, Neuro-Haptic Interfaces, Augmented Reality, Robotics, Electronics, Game Development, Supporting Women in Technology, Programming for Kids, Supporting Collaborative Environments
Chad McGowan General Tech, web design, teaching, robotics, computer science, Instructional technology
sequoia's picture Sequoia McDowell Senior Software Development Engineer Javascript, PHP, Java, security, testing, software development best practices, teaching, learning, and getting to know people here in Western MA!
Jill McCormick
Michael McCarthy
kellym's picture Kelly McCabe Last Call Media Junior Developer
David Mayo
Jean Maynard Register attendees for Nerd 2015 Summit from University of MA
Matthew Mattingly Painting, photography, music
Kartike Mathur IT, Wordpress, Cybersecurity, Technology as a whole
lmasci's picture Leah Masci Web Developer Drupal
jmaruskin's picture john maruskin owner-operator, rriverrunstudio Wordpress,using my own themes, turning older sites into wordpress
Rob Martinez NorthPoint Digital Project Manager
gilbert martinez
Rob Martinez
Abraham Martinez I want to learn how to code
Kaylee Martinez
Doug Martin
Robert Martin Financial Partners Associate Software Developer