name Organization Job title Reason for account
Chad Furman Clevertech Full Stack Developer Presenting
Chalynne Reed
Charles Powers I am registering for my 7-year-old son, Roman Powers-Moran who is interested in learning computer programming.
Chase Barrett Genuine Senior Web Developer
Cherisse Smith Online Blogging, Online Advertising, Web Marketing
cheryl's picture cheryl kiras
CKiras's picture Cheryl Kiras LCM Project Manager
cwworks's picture Cheryl Handsaker Charlemont Web Works, OriginEight, CommunicateHealth Technical Project Manager Presenting Reporting an issue: What developers really want to know
cjones's picture Chloe Jones FreshJones Creative DEO Drupal, networking, team building, being creative and strategic, developing tools to help our communities, hiking, biking, cooking and most of all family.'s picture Chris Hamper Freelance Web Designer Drupal, WordPress, Joomla!, Web Design, Web Development, Linux SysAdmin, Sci-fi, Nature, Hiking, Reading
Chris Rowe I want to pay for my ticket.
c_c's picture Chris Catalina IBM - CTG - NYS ITS Senior Drupal Web Content Developer Drupal 7, Front-End UI Design, Theming, PHP Templates, CSS, keeping Drupal development simple.
chris gauthier networking, cisco, linux, computer repair, network security
Chris Slack Gravity Switch Senior Full Stack Engineer
Chris Shelton
Chris Amato Web development, business development, product design, 3D printing sculpture, jazz.
Chris Cross
christian castellanos i want to learn how to code
Christian Ortiz Java Python Game Development Artificial Intelligence Web Design JavaScript
Christine Olson
Christine Boehler I am a beginner to Drupal and would love to attend nearby events
Christofer VanWormer
Christopher Burkey Web development
Christopher Smith Computer, web development, travel.
Christopher Wells
christopher smith American Graphics Institute UX and web design along with front-end development.
Christopher Thompson Tickets for NERD 2015
Christopher Smith Isovera Developer
Christopher Carvache WordPress, coding, PHP, CSS
csparks's picture Christopher Sparks Last Call Media Project Manager
Chuck Marshall Marshall Consulting VP WordPress, Wearable Computing, Business Modeling, Workflow, New Technology
Clayton Salem front end development, wordpress, drupal,
Clayton Salem Gravity Switch Lead Front-End Developer
RoloDMonkey's picture Clayton "Andrew" Predmore Yale University Library Manager, Web Operations
Clint Warren WordPress!
Colin Mitchell Programming, Interactivity, Digital Art
Cong Chen Pho, Python
Conner Reilly Coding
Connie Burak
Connor Bangasser Most of my teenage life I have had a great interest in learning to code. I took a gaming course with digipen for a summer but I still don't understand and I still don't get it at all. I've read two books but they haven't helped me one bit. hopefully this program can help me.
Corey Condardo TeamSnap Developer
coreycondardo's picture Corey Condardo Gravity Switch Developer Brady. 9 irons. CS:GO. Cats. Agility Ladders. Button-down shirts. I'm a developer at Gravity Switch.
callen6's picture Cori Allen The Fullbridge Program Technical Product Manager web development, product management, Boston Ruby Women, RailsBridge Boston, Queer Women Who Tech Boston
Cory Spitzer Python, Ruby, Linux, teaching, learning.
Coureton Dalton UMass Amherst Administrative Assistant: IT Minor Program Drupal, networking
cristoslc's picture Cristos Lianides-Chin
Daisy Frederick Coding for middle schoolers, including Scratch,, MIT App. Inventor, Lego mindstorms, processing, game design with MMF2, and codeacademy.
DamienMcKenna's picture Damien McKenna Mediacurrent Lead Drupal Architect Drupal