namesort descending Organization Job title Reason for account
joshua copen scratch
pcorbett's picture Patrick Corbett Redfin Solutions, LLC Partner
Cassie Corey
Anne Cormier IT in education, Women in IT
Matthew Cornell Developer
Thais Correia
Linda Courtney Ludlow High School Business & Technology Teacher and Curriculum Instructional Leader Saturday, September 13, 2014, Scratch Programming for Educators 11 am to 1 pm and Intro to Programming (Javascript) 2 pm to 4 pm
Chris Cross
Blake Curtis Nerd Summit Registration's picture Nick D'Amico creative coding
jianxin dai
Kara Dailey Student learning something new. Interest in computing.
Jason Dale
Coureton Dalton UMass Amherst Administrative Assistant: IT Minor Program Drupal, networking
Richard Damon
Alexandrre Darren Learn to code.
Ishita Dasgupta AI, programming languages, algorithms & Information retrieval
maryann's picture Mary Ann Dassatii Smith College Campus School Technology Teacher Technology for kids - Scratch, Robotics, movie making.
dawson david
Sandeep Dcunha
Brandon De Leon
Mia DeAmelio My reason is because since i was 5, i have always wanted to be a teacher and teach people what to do, and how to do.
mdechiara's picture Michael DeChiara strategic online communications for non-profits and social activism
Jake Del Hagen New technology Website build-outs Connecting the internet of things
Catherine Delima
Tony Della Ratta Development, security
Ren Delos Reyes *web development *mobile development
Brian DeVore
Matthew Dews Networking, High Performance Applications and DSP
William Dextradeur
Jeff Dickens Drupal, Wordpress, JavaScript, JQuery, PHP, MySQL, and anything OS related that can help me in my job, especially server side stuff.
Leif Dickison Environmental Science/Design
Walter Doan Java, Django, Databases, SQL, Web Development, Web Applications
tdodson's picture Thomas Dodson Harvard University Web Designer & Developer Responsive Design, Drupal
david doonan stuff
Paras Doshi BigData, Joomla, Web Development
emilydoucette's picture Emily Doucette Farm Credit Financial Partners, Inc. HR Analyst / Recruiting Specialist's picture Brianna Doxzen Last Call Media Office Administrator I want to stay in the know about NERD summit and other learning opportunities in my area.
Brandie Doyle Website design, UX, content strategy and management
Ellen Doyle
Dan Drapeau NorthPoint Digital Consultant
ddrapeau's picture Dan Drapeau NorthPoint Digital Consultant PHP, Drupal, Applied Machine Learning, Cyber Security
Ashe Dryden's picture Ashe Dryden
Timothy Dufour Programming
Timothy Dufour .NET, No-SQL
gretchenduhaime's picture Gretchen Duhaime Holistic Back Office Co-Founder women in tech, cms, social media
Sarah Dunton educational technology mobile technologies informal STEM education
Kelly Dwan Web Developer